Shaggy is a Grammy Award-winning Jamaican musician, singer, actor and DJ known for releasing a series of instantly recognizable hit singles throughout the past three decades. Over the course of twelve studio albums and six compilations, Shaggy has made a name for himself as one of pop music’s most extravagant figures, blending flavors of reggae, dancehall and rap into irresistibly catchy choruses that have dominated airwaves the world over.


Genres : '00s, '10's, '90s

Shaggy’s debut album Boombastic, released in 1996, introduced the world to his effortlessly magnetic style of
vocal delivery, a hybrid of singing and rapping that instantly grabbed the attention of music fans the world over.
The record won a Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album, an astonishing feat for an artist at the start of his career.
Lead single ‘Boombastic’ shot to the top of the charts in countries across the world, hitting No 1 in three continents
and nine countries while achieving platinum status in Australia, Norway and the United States. It can still be heard
regularly on radio stations across the world today.

Shaggy’s career has since been on an unstoppable rise, as he’s continued to release music that’s found extreme
commercial success and broad appeal. Releasing era-defining singles such as ‘It Wasn’t Me’ while lending his talents
to collaborative projects from Sting, Sean Paul, Sean Kingston, Janet Jackson, Chaka Khan, Kylie Minogue, Olly
Murs, Tamer Hosny, and Nicky Jam, he’s proven to be one of the most successful crossover artists of the past three
decades, threading genres and sounds together with ease to produce radio-ready hits that have sold out stadiums,
arenas and festivals across the globe. A shining example of an artist who has remained relevant and successful
without compromising his integrity, Shaggy came full circle in 2019 when his Sting collaboration 44/876 earned
him his second Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album, 23 years after his first.