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About us


Welcome to International Artists, Your Partner in Music.

Based in the Netherlands, we are a dynamic and specialized artist booking agency with a passion for bringing the best performances to stages all around the world.

At International Artists, we work with a team of skilled agents, who are ready to help you with bringing the right artists to your event.

We have close connections with the artists or their management, which allows us to provide excellent service, ensuring accurate coordination and flawless execution for every event.

No matter your musical needs, we have you covered. International Artists offers an array of services to elevate your musical endeavors:

Artist Bookings: Discover and book the artists that perfectly suites your event, concert, or festival, that create memorable experiences for your audience. Our skilled team is ready to take care of all Artist Bookings from A to Z. We have direct contact with Artists and/or their representatives.

Artist Management: With our dedicated artist management services, we help artists’ careers, providing strategic guidance for further growth and success, so the Artists can have total focus on their music.

Event Planning: Leave the planning to us! From artist selection to scheduling, we meticulously plan every detail to ensure an unforgettable event.

Tour Management: Our skilled team is ready to accompany the artists, so everything will go as efficiently as possible and your event will be a big success!  They will handle all aspects of organization and coordination around the artists so that the work for both Artist and Promoter is made as easy as possible.

Our staff

Jacques Lejeune - CEO

Jacques Lejeune

Jose van der Welk

Jose van der Welk

Art Director
Chris Burgers - Agent

Chris Burgers

Booking Manager
Jordy Jans - Agent

Jordy Jans

Artists Manager

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