Kate Ryan debuted in 2001 and conquered national hit lists with ‘Scream For More’, a powerful dance song making everyone dance instantly. One year after her first hit, her second mega-hit called ‘Désenchantée’ had been released. Since then, she’s touring nonstop and intensively, recording and releasing. A great international breakthrough followed in 2006 when she took part in the Eurovision Song Contest with ‘Je T’adore’.

Kate Ryan

Genres : '00s, '10's

The Belgian singer fills the stage with a mix of dance and pop.

The typical Kate Ryan touches? Undoubtedly her happy hits and energetic performances. With a bit of glitter and glamour she performs with self-written songs as ‘Libertine’, ‘Ella Elle L’a’ and ‘Voyage Voyage’. With a beautiful voice and gorgeous performance Kate hits the charts in Poland, Germany, Sweden and Spain.

Kate Ryan performed with glamorous dancing acts on numerous stages and reached the highest charts in Belgium and far beyond. Her albums Free, Stronger and Different got crowned with golden and platinum awards.
Furthermore, the World Music Award shines on her impressive records. After 15 years, singer Kate Ryan still impresses loyal and new fans on big stages and small acoustic settings.”