Immerse yourself in the sonic paradise crafted by DJ Sparadise. With an unmatched ability to blend genres and create electrifying mixes, his music will transport you to a euphoric realm where every beat is a journey of exhilaration.

DJ Sparadise

Genres : '00s, DJ's

Francesco Sparacello aka DJ Sparadise, is an Italian music producer and DJ.

Totally self-taught, he began his career in 2002 producing artists from his area. In 2004 he met Jacopo Barachetti, where he started the project Not Connected, whose single “In My Room” reached number one on the M2o radio chart and started playing in various Italian clubs. In 2005 he produced the hit together with the singer Spoonface, “Wunna Be” of his new project “No M3rcy”, released on Time Records which saw him reach the top of the charts of many Italian radio stations.

After these two productions, the doors opened in very important recording studios, and under the guidance of Andrea Piraz, Nicolò Fragile, Marcello Catalano was able to grow further as a professional.
After these very important experiences, he decided to start his career as a solo producer.

He produced an electro house bootleg of Adele’s song “Rollin in a deep”, which was soon played in many clubs around the world, reaching almost 500,000 views on the YouTube channel.

From 2008 to 2009 he organized theme nights in the city of London, where he moved in order to improve his “musical baggage”. An important event was the meeting with the English publisher Elliot
Avnon, with whom he produced a single together with the American singer Marcus Marshall, “Say You’ll Stay”, which will enter the UK club chart, thanks also to the remixes produced by Judge Jules and Steve Mac.

In 2010 he met international DJ Federico Franchi, where he released three vinyl singles for his label, Robots Records.

In 2011 he moved to Berlin, where he began various collaborations with clubs such as Suicide Club, Maxximm and Matrix where 3 years later the working relationship will be interrupted.

In 2014 he met DJ Lhasa, where he produced the Russian Hit “Chiribin Chiribom”, which also became the soundtrack of a commercial. In 2015 he produced new arrangements for the musical “Sarà perchè ti amo”, which was a great success in Italian theatres. From 2016 to 2017 he moved to Manchester where he organized private music production lessons.

On his return to Italy, in 2018, he met promoter Vita Danielle, who led him to become resident DJ at the “Bateaux Parisienne” evenings, themed evenings on a boat in Paris on the river Seine.

In 2019, his previous partnership ended and he came into contact with two international singers, Shena and Max’C, where he produced two singles with them, “4 Ever” and “Out of Control”.

In 2020, he signed for the Spanish label Blanco Y Negro, where he released an album under the name S-Project. In the same year, he collaborated with Hitmaker La Bouche, where they released together the Christmas track “Ringing the Bells of Christmas”.

In 2021, together with his manager Alessandro Lo Nigro, he founded the label Argenta Records, which included important international collaborations.

There are many international DJ’s from whom he has had support for tracks:
Armin Van Buuren, Ian Carey, Cédric Gervais, Sander Van Doorn, Sophie Francis, Ivan Gough, Peter Luis, Basement Jazz, Groove Collective, Abel Ramos, Andi Durrant, Mr. Spring, Leonardo Vega, Flash Brothers, Lost Frequencies, Rafael Nieves, Malfunction, David Vendetta , DJ Chuckie, Ron Van Den Beuken and many others.

Some of the most important artists he has collaborated with:
Shena, Max’C, Ron Carroll, Elena Risteska, Katrina Leskanich, Bobby Solo, Eve Angeli, Romain Pelletti, DJ Lhasa, Luca Zeta, La Bouche, Cristian Marchi, Jerry Ropero, Simon Green, Charity Daw, Alejandra Avalos, DJ Dado, Tony T, Vernon Barnard, Franco Iglesias, Reyes Heritage, TWiiNS, Helena Josefsson and many more.