DJ José, renowned for his string of chart-topping hits, whether flying solo or in collaboration with other artists, has become a global sensation. His name resonates through both the Dutch and international club scenes, making him a highly sought-after act for major events. Jose brings a unique contemporary style, drawing inspiration from a diverse range of musical genres. His specialty lies in crafting distinctive grooves that are both captivating and accessible without veering into commercial territory.

With years of experience under his belt, Jose possesses a profound ability to tune into his audience’s vibes. He’s aware that the landscape of dance music, once primarily focused on pace in the ’90s, has transformed into a deeper and more nuanced sound. Today’s music enthusiasts crave subtler tones, impactful vocals, and high-energy tracks. Jose’s dedication lies in taking his audience on a mesmerizing journey by maintaining a strong connection with the crowd from his DJ booth and perpetually refining his craft.

Born on March 24, 1966, in Meppel, Jos Klaster’s passion for music ignited during his early years. As a teenager, he discovered the art of mixing, experimenting with tracks like “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood and “High Energy” by Evelyn Thomas. He made his debut as a DJ at school dances in Steenwijk, using his own name. His talent was immediately recognized, earning him a residency at the club “Chez Jean” in Steenwijk at a young age. Subsequent offers from other clubs rolled in, propelling Jos into a local sensation. He graced the decks at venues like “Locomotion” in Steenwijk and “Lord Nelson” in Meppel, all while hosting multiple radio shows with the local radio station (SLOS). At the age of 24, he was spinning records at “Music hall X-Ray” in Zwolle when a manager decided to enter him into a mixing competition for Dance Update, organized by Alex van Oostrom. It was during this time that his name, Jos Klaster, didn’t quite capture his artistic essence. Thus, he was christened DJ José, a moniker that would define his pivotal role in the Dutch club scene. DJ José found himself playing at numerous Dutch clubs and discos, establishing his newfound fame.

In 1996, Jos transitioned to become the A&R and product manager for the record label Ala Bianca BLX and Media Records BLX. However, by 2001, the overwhelming demand for Jose’s DJing prowess led him to leave the record label to pursue a full-time career as a DJ. Today, Jose is in high demand across the globe, gracing stages in countries like Turkey, Albania, Greece, and Israel. He continues to be an active presence on the DJ scene in Spain, Norway, Poland, Russia, and the Dutch Antilles. Notably, Jose’s talents have shone at major events like Mysteryland, Dance Valley, Free Festival, and Trance Energy. He holds residency at venues such as Exceptionnel, Filemon in Utrecht, Peppermint Club on Tour, Ibiza Catamaran Parties, and AMS2IBZ.

In the realm of music production, Jose has earned recognition for delivering a slew of chart-topping hits. His singles “Wrong Right” (1998) and “House of Justice” (1999) laid the foundation for his career, followed by “II Symbols” (2001), “Access” (2001), and “Hesitate” (2003). The latter single struck a chord internationally, making waves in England, Austria, and Germany. The following single, “Stepping to the Beat” (2005), appeared on the Top Hit Lists in England, France, Spain, and Portugal. Many of these tracks were born from collaborations with DJ/Producer G-Spott (Richard van Schooneveld).

In 2006, Jose’s single “Dedication,” a result of his partnership with DJ/Producer John Marks, achieved enormous success abroad, particularly in England, France, Spain, and Portugal. Jose’s impact on the music scene continues to resonate powerfully.


DJ José

Genres : '00s, '90s, DJ's

Prepare to be taken on a sonic voyage with DJ José, the maestro of electronic beats and euphoric melodies. With his pulsating rhythms and captivating sets, DJ José promises a night of music that will sweep you off your feet and keep you dancing until the early hours.