DJ Jean, a name synonymous with a lasting legacy in the contemporary national and international club scene. He’s not just a DJ but a multi-talented artist who’s gained fame for his turntable skills, his rebellious lifestyle, and, most importantly, his unwavering dedication to the art of DJing. Jean has earned a special place in the world of Dutch celebrities, which is quite a rare accomplishment for a DJ. His fame is well-deserved, boasting numerous awards, including the prestigious SENA Award, recognizing him as the most played Club DJ on Dutch radio over the past decade. Jean has been repeatedly voted as the Best Club DJ. His contributions have also earned him nominations at significant award shows such as the TMF Awards and Silver Star Dance in the UK. Moreover, he holds the record for being the most booked DJ in the Netherlands.

DJ Jean has created several international classics and anthems, such as “The Launch” and “Every Single Day.” In 2015, he made successful co-productions like “Think About It” (ft. Inaya Day), “Pulp,” and “Popacabana,” all of which charted on Beatport in positions between 20 and 50. These tracks were released on renowned international labels like Vamos, Cassa Rossa, and Whorehouse. Notably, celebrated DJs like Hardwell, Nicky Romero, and others of their caliber have produced official remixes for his tracks. DJ heavyweights like Armin Van Buuren, Vato Gonzales, Lady Bee, and many more see him as a significant influence on their successful careers.

DJ Jean is also the only Dutch DJ to have produced more than 30 compilation CDs, amassing a total of 1,000,000 CD sales nationally and internationally. His international success has taken him to various corners of the world, where he’s spun records at numerous festivals and prominent clubs, including Amnesia, Pacha, and Privilege in Ibiza. He is highly regarded at home in the Netherlands and performs at events ranging from intimate gatherings of 50 people to massive crowds of 50,000. This adaptability, in terms of locations, price, and music style, has solidified his enormous popularity among both seasoned clubbers and the latest generation of partygoers. DJ Jean is even hailed as the founder of the internationally successful Dutch house and DJ scene and is often referred to as the Godfather of Dutch DJs.

In 2013, DJ Jean teamed up with MC Maron Hill, known as Holland’s finest on the microphone, to enhance the impact of their performances. This dynamic collaboration created a unique atmosphere and sentiment both in the Netherlands and beyond. Their performances are described as stunning and unbeatable. In 2014 and 2015, DJ Jean and MC Maron Hill had more than 300 successful gigs, performing at renowned festivals such as Tomorrowland and Dutch Valley. They also embarked on a highly successful tour in Poland, hitting at least ten of the country’s biggest and most renowned clubs.

DJ Jean’s music style has evolved over the years, encompassing everything from the immensely popular EDM sound to the more deep, soulful, groovy, and uplifting house music. His flexibility and adaptability make him the most versatile DJ among the industry’s top names, always catering to the crowd and the party’s vibe at any given moment.


DJ Jean

Genres : '00s, '90s, DJ's

Join the ultimate dance experience with DJ Jean, the iconic artist who has been setting dance floors ablaze for years. With his electrifying beats and magnetic performances, DJ Jean will take you on a journey through the world of electronic music that’s guaranteed to keep you moving all night.