When the Drill Instructor takes the stage, you know you’re in for a wild 90s party! Captain Jack, one of the most iconic Eurodance acts, burst onto the scene in 1995 under the guidance of German music producer Udo Niebergall. Their signature red cap and uniforms make them instantly recognizable, and Captain Jack, with frontman Bruce Lacy, is the headline act at all major 90s festivals.

Their impressive achievements speak volumes about their success: 19 gold and platinum awards, 40 million records sold, and a whopping 150 million streams worldwide. Their chart-topping hits include classics like “Drill Instructor,” “Soldier Soldier,” “Iko Iko,” “In the Army Now,” and “Captain Jack.” These tracks have become anthems of the 90s, bringing joy to countless fans.

Captain Jack’s energetic performances and infectious music have left an indelible mark on the Eurodance scene, making them an enduring favorite for those who love the music and spirit of the 90s. With their red caps and military-style uniforms, they embody the essence of the era, and their live shows continue to captivate audiences, bringing the excitement of the 90s back to life. Captain Jack is the perfect act to turn any event into a nostalgic dance party, ensuring that the 90s spirit lives on for new generations to enjoy.


Captain Jack

Genre : '90s

Get ready to set sail on a dancefloor adventure with Captain Jack, the music group that brought infectious Eurodance to the world. With their high-energy beats and unforgettable hits, Captain Jack guarantees an electrifying and unforgettable party experience.