Brooklyn Bounce is one of several pseudonyms used by German trance producers Matthias Menck (Double M) and Dennis Bohn (Bonebreaker). They have also produced music under the names Mental Madness Productions and Beatbox feat. Rael. Menck and Bohn have created remixes of a wide array of artists, including Scooter and Kool & the Gang.

Brooklyn Bounce

Genres : '00s, '90s

Menck and Bohn, both natives to Hamburg, met in 1995. The pair had their first chart hit starring as Boyz R Us with the single “Singin’ In My Mind”. In 1996 the duo debuted as Brooklyn Bounce and released “The Theme (of Progressive Attack)” which scaled the German dance charts as a club favorite before becoming a crossover hit for the group as well. This success set up the band’s first debut album, The Beginning.

Menck and Bohn work solely in the studio and are not part of the Brooklyn Bounce live act. Instead, the group was fronted by several different vocalists and dancers, who have collaborated with the two German producers throughout the years. The list includes René “Diablo” Behrens (formerly of 666), Ulrika Bohn, Maeva Ehoulan, Alejandra Cuevas-Moreno and Stephan “Damon” Zschoppe. Vocalists were only credited from “Bass, Beats and Melody”, released in November 2000.

In 2006, Mental Madness Records released an album titled System Shock (The Lost Album 1999), which features some of the earliest material by the production duo. This album is available only in a digital format.