In 1997, Bellini burst onto the music scene with their sensational single, “Samba de Janeiro,” which achieved remarkable global success, selling over five million copies worldwide. In Germany, the song soared to the #2 position on the singles chart and remained in the Top Ten for an impressive 13 weeks. Their extraordinary achievement earned them an Echo award in the category of “Artist or Group National – Dance/Techno.”

Following this triumph, the subsequent singles also found their place on the Media Control charts, although they couldn’t quite replicate the global phenomenon of their initial hit. After a brief hiatus, Bellini returned in the summer of 2001 with the release of “Brazil,” which reached a more modest position, peaking at number 71 on the German singles chart. In August 2007, they unveiled the single “Let’s Go to Rio,” and 2008 saw another release.

The iconic melody from “Samba de Janeiro” became a stadium anthem during the 2008 European Soccer Championships, playing every time a goal was scored. In 2009, the band took a hiatus.

In 2013, Bellini regrouped with new members in celebration of the World Cup in Brazil, releasing a fresh edition of “Samba de Janeiro.” However, in 2014, the entire lineup underwent a transformation. The reformed group made its debut in April 2014 with a cover of the song “Tic Tic Tac,” originally launched by Frank Farian in 1997, during a performance on ZDF television. On May 9, 2014, they released the single “Samba do Brasil,” a reimagining of their classic hit “Samba de Janeiro,” accompanied by an album titled “Festival.”

Since October 2018, Bellini has reunited with the original band member, Dandara Santos-Silva, marking a thrilling return to their roots and rekindling the magic that made them a household name in the world of dance music.



Genres : '00s, '90s

Get ready to samba your way to the rhythm of Bellini, the sensational music group known for their infectious Latin beats and catchy melodies. Join the fiesta and let Bellini’s music transport you to the vibrant streets of Brazil, where the party never stops!