Celebrating two decades in the spotlight is not a moment of reflection for Belle Perez, it’s an exhilarating embrace of the future, filled with fresh challenges, new projects, and exciting stages.

Belle’s journey in show business has been instrumental in shaping her into the person she is today, and she couldn’t be more content. All the pieces of her life have seamlessly fallen into place, empowering her to venture into new territories and explore diverse music styles. Onstage, she’s discovered a whole new facet of herself, a revelation that fuels her passion and creativity.

Her path to success wasn’t without its hurdles. Born to Spanish parents, Belle grew up in the close-knit community of Hamont-Achel, where she navigated the challenges of living between two cultures. Attending a Catholic school run by nuns, she learned to assert herself and make her voice heard in the world of show business.

Belle’s Spanish heritage is deeply ingrained in her music and soul, and she still holds Spanish nationality. She once expressed, “Spain is simply in my veins. It’s in my temperament, as well as in my yearning for tranquility, simplicity, and silence.” Her musical journey began in childhood, singing in flamenco bands and participating in talent competitions. Her breakthrough moment arrived in 2000 when she participated in Eurosong, the Belgian pre-selection for the Eurovision contest, with the song “Hello World.” While Eurovision eluded her, she quickly gained popularity with a string of commercial hits in Belgium. She even secured a recording contract in the United States and embarked on tours across North and South America.

Since co-hosting the ‘Tros Muziekfeest’ in the Netherlands alongside Jan Smit in 2004, Belle has cultivated a significant fan base there as well. She graced renowned venues like Ahoy and the Heineken Music Hall.

Her career soared to new heights with her third album, ‘Baila Perez,’ where she made a strategic shift from pop to Latin music, a genre that felt like her true musical home. Iconic hits such as “Que viva la vida,” “Enamorada,” and “Ave Maria” have become etched in our collective musical memories. Since 2007, Belle has also graced theaters with her performances.

All these experiences have contributed to the Belle Perez of today: a confident singer who trusts her instincts and follows her heart. The same principle applies to her music; she only creates records that resonate deeply with her. Belle Perez is an artist who charts her own course, relentlessly pursuing her dreams. After fifteen years in the spotlight, she finds herself happier than ever, driven by the enduring power of love. As she aptly puts it, “Without love, nothing really matters.”


Belle Perez

Genre : '00s

Experience the enchanting voice and charismatic stage presence of Belle Perez, the artist who effortlessly fuses Latin rhythms with pop sensibility. Prepare to be captivated by her passionate performances and infectious energy, as Belle Perez takes you on a musical journey you won’t want to end.