Bamby is no ordinary artist. Since her debut in 2016, she has conquered the world of music with planetary hits such as “Who Mad Again” “Run di place“.

Endowed with a self-taught talent, Bamby has developed a remarkable vocal mastery, combining power and amplitude of the notes, while mastering the art of “Toast”.

Author – Composer: she actively participates in the creation of her instrumentals.

A musician at heart, her music reflects this fusion between pop vocal performance and pure Dancehall, we find the three languages that are dear to her through her titles: French, Creole and Jamaican patois.

Female entrepreneur and producer Bamby puts all her hats at the service of her art and delivers to us, her new creations. Always in search of innovation and new sounds, she pushes the limits of Dancehall and offers us unique musical experiences.


Genres : '10's, '20s

Experience the electrifying energy and fierce charisma of Bamby, the music artist who’s redefining the boundaries of urban and Afrobeat genres. With her bold style and infectious beats, Bamby’s music is a dynamic fusion of cultures and rhythms that will have you dancing and celebrating life with every note.