Alexandra Stan made her musical debut with the single “Lollipop / Param Pam Pam”. Afterwards, hits like “Mr. Saxobeat“, “Lemonade” or “Get Back (ASAP)” put her on the international music map. Ten years later, Alexandra Stan is back.

Alexandra Stan

Genres : '10's, '20s

Throughout her career, Alexandra Stan has released four albums, which include dozens of chart-topping hits and collaborations with artists like Daddy Yankee, Havana, Mohombi, Manuel Riva or superstar Australian DJ duo, NERVO, gathering an online community of over 6.5 million fans. Alexandra continues to conquer the audience through her creativity and authenticity.

The singer gained a cult following in Japan where she tours annually. Alexandra, born and raised in Constanta, Romania, was and still is streamed and watched all over the globe. A conclusive example is her smash hit, ‘’Mr. Saxobeat’’, which amassed 280.000.000 streams on Spotify, more than 500.000.000 YouTube views combined, and sold 1.000.000 copies in less than a year, while reaching top 5 in over 20 countries, the only song from a Romanian artist to reach this performance.

Her 5th album, “Rainbows”, is released in early 2022, and includes songs like “I Think I Love It”, Tikari”, “Come into My World” feat. Nervo, “Tokyo”, “Lie” or “Kame Ha” (feat. Ana Tobor, first virtual influencer in Romania).