Afric Simone was born in Inhambane, to a Brazilian father and Mozambique-origin mother, but at the age of 9 he and his mother had to move to her motherland Mozambique on the east coast of Africa, at Xipamanine in the capital city “Lourenço Marques”, now Maputo. Once, when he appeared on stage in Maputo, his manager asked him to come to London.


Afric Simone

Genres : '70s, '80s

With first steps in show business in London, he has gathered invaluable experience for appearances in other European capitals. He gathered experience in doing gigs all over Europe. He was lucky that Eddie Barclay, the French record tycoon, went to see a show in Paris. They immediately signed the contract.

Afric Simone speaks German, English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, and various African languages, however his songs are written in the mixture of Swahili and few words from other languages. This idea resulted in a mixture of his own native tongue and European Happy Sound. Simone is also said to have pioneered the arts of Break Dancing and Beat Boxing as can be seen in his live performances, for instance in the televised performance of his song “Playa Blanca”.