The Sunclub

The Sunclub
Release date
01 January 1970
The Sunclub
01 January 1970 |

The Dutch Dj/producers collective Sunclub comprised of members Jaydee (also known by his monster hit Plastic Dreams), Typar and Atbe entered the European pop scene in 1997 with their debut hit single Fiesta (de los Tamborileros) Featuring sunny and recognizable club sounds with pounding beats Sunclub charted 3 massive hits like Fiesta, Single Minded people and Splash in the Dutch charts while attracting a following throughout the European continent, Asia and South America. That summer Fiesta became a firm number one hit in the majority of Europe including Turkey and Greece, single wise outselling Madonna by that time.

Sunclub had originally taken form in 1996, when the members began embracing the regional clubhouse scene while combining elements of Sergio Mendes flavoured samples and house beats into a sunny sugary hybrid.
Sunclub’s sunshine-ridden charm soon earned them a contract with Sony Music, and the act made its debut in 1997 with an album called Fiesta De Los Tamborileros.
The record’s leading single Fiesta spread the popularity throughout the world, earning a gold or platinum status in several territories.

Indisputably Sunclub’s most popular track, Summer Jam 2003, was one of the biggest pop hits in Europe in 2003. It was a highly successful mesh up track from Sunclub’s Fiesta and a track called Summer Jam from the Underdog Project. Mixing elements of reggae, R & B, freestyle, and English 2-step larded with the melody and magic cords of Fiesta, it created a quite new and refreshing musical blend. It received a platinum status in more than 10 countries.