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01 January 1970
01 January 1970 |

Bellini are back! In time for the upcoming World Cup, the makers of the most biggest football mood hits of all time with a report from the ground back to the modernized version of their popular party smash “Samba de Janeiro” and new faces!
It is the pop sensation of the year: 15 years after her unforgettable mega hit “Samba de Janeiro” the German Dance Project reports in 2014 with a new edition of one of the most popular party popular songs back par excellence! With “Samba do Brasil” Bellini tie in seamlessly with its award-winning gold and platinum catchy tune in 1997 for weeks dominated the Top 10 of Europe’s single charts and has been sold over 5 million times.
Even during the European Football Championship 2008, the harmonies of “Samba de Janeiro” integral part of the mega sporting event and have since been, an integral part of any football or hockey arena and by any carnival event. Just in time for standing in the house soccer World Cup in Brazil, Bellini ensure exotic for lots of carnival in Rio flair again.
On “Samba do Brasil” Bellini missed her big multicultural overheating not only a fresh, dusted sound make-over – including the line-up was much younger. Bellini made in 2014 of three trained singers / performers: the German-Mexican Mary, originating from Barbados Tracy and the native Brazilian Myrthes.