Release date
01 January 1970
01 January 1970 |

Italian-born Alexia started singing at the age of four, getting the title of Little Wonder after winning several local contests, soon attending music and dance classes.

In 1990, the talented young woman became a backup singer for local DWA label, participating in Double You‘s catchy song “Please Don’t Go.” Around the same time, prominent Italian producer Roberto Zanetti, also known as Robyx, created a project called Ice Mc with Alexia performing lead vocals along with a rapper. They toured the European club circuit and had a song called “Think About the Way” featured in Trainspotting’s movie soundtrack.

In 1995, Alexia hit the charts as a solo artist with “Me and You,” followed by “Summer is Crazy” in May of 1996. She later topped the European dance-pop hit parade with “Uh La La La,” recording her debut album, Fan Club, in 1997. After signing up to Sony Music, 1998’s The Party and 1999’s Happy were released.

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