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01 January 1970
01 January 1970 |

Joram Metekohy first started producing Hardstyle with Ruben Hooyer in 2004 under the alias ‘Seizure’. Together they had multiple releases on labels such as Sys-X Records, Blutonium Records, StraightOn Recordings and Scantraxx. In 2006 he was introduced to Scantraxx and began working on material with Alpha² that would eventually get a release on the Scantraxx sub label ‘Paint it Black’ under the name ‘Outsiders’. In late 2007, having previously released on Scantraxx as ‘Seizure’, Joram Metekohy had his first solo release as Wildstylez, ‘Life’z A Bitch / Missin’ on the Scantraxx sub-label run by Headhunterz, Scantraxx Reloaded.

2008 would prove to be the breakout year for Wildstylez. He had numerous releases on various Scantraxx sub-labels including Silver, Special and Reloaded and also featured on the main label. It also saw his first collaboration with one of the most popular up and coming Hardstyle artists, Scantraxx Reloaded founder Headhunterz. Their first release ‘Blame It on the Music / Project 1’ in early 2008 proved a success and provided the impetus for the launch of a new project and debut album for the pair, Project One. Finishing in under three months producing an average of one track a week, Headhunterz and Wildstylez completed their 13-track debut album, ‘Headhunterz & Wildstylez Present: Project One’. The album was debuted in early 2008 at the Q-Dance events In Qontrol and Defqon.1, and was released shortly after in both CD and Digital formats on 25 July 2008. Project One was extremely well received in the Hardstyle community with tracks such as ‘Life Beyond Earth’, ‘The Art of Creation’, ‘The Story Unfolds’, ‘Best of Both Worlds’ EP and ‘Fantasy or Reality’ all proving to be successes on the dance floor. The Album was a defining influence on the direction Hardstyle would take in the years to come with its emphasis on synth-based melodies and heavy use of pitched kicks. A Project One Tour followed along with 6 full-length album samplers and 1 remix sampler, all released on Scantraxx Reloaded.

2009 saw Wildstylez move away from Project One and further enhance and refine the Wildstylez sound with many well received solo releases such as ‘Muzic or Noize’, ‘Phantom Beat’ and ‘Single Sound’. 2009 also saw the release of one of the most popular hardstyle songs to date, Headhunterz & Wildstylez vs. Noisecontrollers – ‘Tonight’. In 2013, Tonight was voted 2nd in the Q-dance Harder Styles top 1000. 2010 saw further strong solo releases on a variety of Scantraxx sub labels, including ‘A Complex Situation’ on Scantraxx Reloaded, the experimental ‘Feedback’ on Scantraxx Silver, a collaboration with DJ Isaac called ‘Lost in Music’ released on Scantraxx Special and his first appearance on the newly formed A² records with old collaborators the Alpha² for their track ‘Atrocious’. Wildstylez also produced his first Anthem, ‘No Time to Waste’ for hardstyle Festival Defqon.1. ‘No Time to Waste’ was accompanied by a Hardcore and Dubstyle Remix on release.

In 2010, Wildstylez left the Scantraxx main label and, together with Noisecontrollers, established a new Hardstyle label called ‘Digital: Age’. Having worked together previously on collaborations and remixes of each other’s tracks, both Wildstylez and Noisecontrollers felt they needed to leave their parent labels to take their careers to the next level.

2011 saw the first two Digital: Age releases from both Wildstylez and Noisecontrollers, titled ‘A Different Story’ and ‘Stardust’. Following this, Wildstylez released four solo tracks on Digital: Age, ‘Huh?’, ‘Back to Basics’, ‘Lonely’ and ‘Into the Light’. In 2012 Wildstylez produced both the Dutch and Australian Defqon.1 anthems. The Dutch Anthem, ‘World of Madness’, saw him collaborate again with Headhunterz & Noisecontrollers.

In 2012 Wildstylez had his final release on Digital: Age and also had releases on labels A² Records, Brennan Heart Music, Q-Dance Records and a collection of self-released free tracks via social media. These free releases included the popular ‘David Guetta – Wild Ones (Wildstylez Bootleg)’. His 2012 track with singer Niels Geusebroek, ‘Year of Summer’, brought Wildstylez into the mainstream dance music in the Netherlands, reaching platinum status and also receiving airtime on Dutch daytime radio stations. 2012 also saw the release of the popular dance floor number ‘Lose My Mind’ a collaboration with Brennan Heart, the video clip being the most viewed on Wildstylez YouTube channel with over 21 million views. At the beginning of 2013, a statement from Scantraxx Manager Rudy Peters confirmed that Wildstylez had indeed left the Scantraxx brand after five years, also implying that Digital:Age had been a Scantraxx affiliated label when formed. In January 2013, Wildstylez had the opportunity to host his own X-Qlusive. Held on the 19th of January at the Heineken Music Hall in the Netherlands, X-Qlusive: Wildstylez was a sold-out event and included popular Hardstyle artists and former collaborators Noisecontrollers, Headhunterz and Alpha² on the lineup.

In late 2013, Wildstylez formed his own record label titled ‘Lose Control Music’. The Hardstyle label was formed in partnership with ‘Be Yourself Music’, a dance related record label and management company. Wildstylez continued the trend of artists having connections with ‘Be Yourself Music’, who had also recently established similar partnerships with popular Hardstyle artists Frontliner and Brennan Heart. In late 2013, Wildstylez had his first release on ‘Lose Control Music’ with the single ‘Lights Go Out’. Hardstyle producer Max Enforcer has since joined ‘Lose Control Music’, with Wildstylez having one release with him. As of 2014, Wildstylez continues to release on ‘Lose Control Music’. In 2015 a track he did together with Dutch hardstyle duo Audiotricz entitled “Turn the Music Up” was released on W&W’s Sublabel of Armada Music, Mainstage Music. 2016 Saw Joram reunite with Headhunterz and play another set as Project One at Qlimax 2016. They released new music together under the Project One title, and also formed a new label called ‘Art of Creation’.

In 2017 he was chosen to create the anthem for Qlimax, “Temple of Light”. 2018 brought his first collaboration with Hardwell, after remixing one of his tracks in 2013. He also released his first tracks on the Art of Creation label, his own EP and a remix for Evil Activities & Endymion.