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01 January 1970
01 January 1970 |

Born to Dutch parents in Jakarta/Indonesia, Taco spent his childhood in Indonesia, Singapore, the Netherlands, U.S.A., Luxembourg, Germany and Belgium, visited everywhere the “International School Of America” and graduated in Belgium. Studied interior decoration and finished acting school in Hamburg! Lead roles in numerous school productions: “You’re A Good Man Charly Brown”, “Carousell”, “The Fantasticks”, “Fiddler On The Roof”, etc.

First professional theatrical engagements in Hamburg/Germany: “Children’s Theater”, member of the “Thalia Theater” (“Sweet Charity”, “Chicago”, “Three Musketeers”, etc.). Direction plus choreography for “Nightchild” a musical. Played “Chino” in John Neumeiers “West Side Story” at Hamburg opera house! Founding of his first band “TACO`S BIZZ”………….. Extensive touring throughout Germany! First commitments as “Back-up and demo singer” for various recording studios plus lyricist assignments. First record contract with Polydor: Two record releases “GRAND PRIX D´EUROVISION”. 1982 RELEASE OF “PUTTIN’ ON THE RITZ” BY R.C.A. Extensive touring throughout Europe! Album release of “AFTER EIGHT” in over 40 countries. GOLD and PLATINUM in Scandinavia and Canada, plus GOLD for over one million copies sold in the United States!
Numerous European awards, first tour throughout the U.S. with American musicians.
Guest appearances on the annual “Bob Hope TV-Show”, “Merv Griffith”, “Alan Thicke”, “Solid Gold”, “Good Morning America”, “Saturday Night Fever”, plus numerous local TV-Shows whilst touring!
No. 1 in Canada, New Zealand, Scandinavia and Austria, No. 4 in South Africa, No. 5 in Australia …… not to mention Top 10 rankings in many other countries!

Meeting the REAGANS at the “White House”, making No. 4 in the BILLBOARD CHARTS, No. 1 in the CASHBOX CHARTS plus “SINGER OF THE YEAR AWARD”!

Release of the album “Let’s Face The Music”, tour throughout Japan. Won the “BEST SINGER AWARD” at the Tokyo Music Festival with the song “Sayonara”!

Continuous touring and promo work.
Wrote lyrics and sang title song “Beware Of The Winners” for the movie “Lassiter”. Release of “Swing Classics” with Polydor. Many T.V. appearances around Europe, live venues with renowned big bands.
Release of the album “Tell Me That You Like It”. Continuous touring plus T.V. and radio work!
Release of “Got To Be Your Lover” by Teldec…..
Release of “Love Touch. Personality show “Curtain Call” at the Macadam Theatre.
Extensive song writing + numerous gala shows!
Austria Tour. Television acting roles: “Friedrichstadt Palast”+ “Das Erbe der Guldenburgs”. Movie appearance in “Karniggels”.
Sang title song for the movies “Bodo” + “Go Trabi Go”. “Lady Of My Heart” + “Heartbreak City” released by Ariola!
“Tico Tico” released by Polydor. Various T.V. Shows. Album production in Athens, Greece.
Played “Cico” in the theatre production “Marx Brothers Radio Show”.
Start of a new trilingual music project “Taron X”. “The Glory Of Love” released.
Taro Music Publishing founded! Numerous T.V. shows, continuous commercial spots on radio + T. V. (Chocolate Chew) Lead role (Dr. Propero) in Berlin’s longest running musical “SHAKESPEARE ROCK N ROLL”!
Associated with K.L Music Production as producer, singer-song writer. K.L. products currently are “Dana Dragomir” and “Kid Creole And The Coconuts”.
Movie and T.V. scores the new Taco album.
The lead role in “Shakespeare As We Like It” in Austria!
Extensive studio work as composer, lyricist, commercials.
Release of the CD “Soul Brothers” with Jeff Harrison.
Extensive work as script writer.
Continuous work as gala artist with the “Moonlight Affair” and “Brooklyn Bridge, The Band”.
On November 27 performance with “Puttin’ on the Ritz” at the Olympic Stadium in Moscow, Russia – VIDEO
New program “Swing & Soul” with his band.
Appearance with „Puttin’ On The Ritz“ at the NEW YEAR’S EVE SHOW in Moscow/Russia
Release of an entirely new re-recording of “Puttin’ On the Ritz” by Cleopatra Records/Los Angeles!!! TACO’s vocals were
recorded in Germany and the backing tracks with top musicians in their studio in L.A.
Continuous work as gala artist in Germany, Russia and Ukraine.
On March 1st, DingDing Music released the original song “Timeless Love” that was written and produced by Edgar Rothermich and Matthias Muentefering in the late 80s. This studio recording that Taco performed as a duet with the female singer Rozaa Wortham in Berlin was remixed in late 2010 in the US and is now available with the permission of Taco as an exclusive download track.
Appearance with „Puttin’ On The Ritz“ – VIDEO and „Cheek To Cheek – VIDEO!
Continuous work as gala artist in Germany.
August 31, 2013: NDR 90,3 Kultnacht, Alsterdorfer Sporthalle – Hamburg.
Taco performs “Puttin’ On The Ritz”, “Singing In The Rain” and his “Swing Medley”!
July 5, 2015: ZDF Fernsehgarten – Mainz/Germany
Taco performs “Puttin’ On The Ritz”
December 30, 2016: Tribute to Fred Astaire Gala, Parkhotel Schönbrunn – Vienna/Austria
Taco performs his greatest hits as well as “Puttin’ On The Ritz 2017”, a brand-new Electro swing version!