Safri Duo

Safri Duo
Release date
01 January 1970
Safri Duo
01 January 1970 |

SAFRI DUO is two classical educated percussion players: Uffe SAvery and Morten FRIis. SA-FRI is an abbreviation of their last names, however it should as well bring associations to the exotic saffron and the adventurous safari.
Safri Duo is probably the only band in the world having a track record of equally success and credit on the classical as well as the EDM scene. They have performed more than 1.000 concerts in concert halls such as Royal Albert Hall and Sydney Opera House, and yet another 1.000 concerts and TV-shows on the electronica dance music scene. On the EDM-scene they have been recognised with prizes such as the Echo Award and the MTV Award. The red thread in both genres was the extremely skilled, expressive and energetic Siamese twins like synchronized playing.
A mantra of the being Safri Duo is to combine being curious and open-minded with courage. This brought them to the transition from the classical scene into the club scene, on which they started out with producing, composing and recording the world wide hit Played-A-Live – The Bongo Song. Safri Duo has become a worldwide trademark “singing” through their bongos and percussion. Played-A-Live, which appeared on more than 40 million compilations, evolved to the world known album EPISODE II. Episode II was followed up with the single Falling High and the album 3.5 and the album ORIGINS. Their energetic and life-affirming music has been an important “drug” to many sports people around the world, and the music brings up the pulse and the spirit in many spinning and aerobic sessions.
It’s also a mantra for Safri Duo being up-to-date, and therefore they constantly work on reproducing their big hits in today’s sound of EDM as well as new material, which you will experience in today’s concerts. Along working with Safri Duo, Morten works as a producer and composer and Uffe as CEO for the symphony orchestra Copenhagen Phil.