Sabrina (Salerno)

Sabrina (Salerno)
Release date
01 January 1970
Sabrina (Salerno)
01 January 1970 |

Sabrina was born on March 15th 1968 in Genoa, where she grew up and studied languages in high school. When she was 15 she won the pageant “Miss Lido” (pageant that had been won by Sophia Loren many years before) and then won the region’s beauty contest and is chosen as Miss Liguria. In 1986 she started her career as a showgirl, and she was cast in the TV show Premiatissima with Johnny Dorelli. After that she took part in the tv show Grand Hotel and at the same time Claudio Cecchetto produced her first record single, Sexy Girl, which was among the top selling records in Italy and Germany. In 1987, as a singer, she took part in the tv show Sandra e Raimondo Show, and that same summer her first album called Sabrinawas released. Her song Boyswas the top hit record in Europe and Latin America: in Spain she is considered a real sex-symbol because of her solar and Mediterranean beauty.

In England Stock Aitken and Waterman produce her record single All of me, which quickly becomes one of the top hits in the UK, and at the same time , in Italy, the record single My Chico, of which Sabrina also wrote the lyrics, is first in the hit charts. After a very fortunate world tour that finished at the Moscow Olympic Stadium, Sabrina is back in TV with the show Odiens.

Throughout her career, Sabrina sold?over?20 million records all over the world and was awarded a great number of Gold and Platinum Records.

In 1989 she won a Grammy Award at the World Music Awards, in Montecarlo, as the ? Female Newcomer of the Year.

In 1990, Sabrina’s second album Super Sabrina, composed by Giorgio Moroder, is released and she takes part in the show Ricomincio da 2 ,with Raffaella Carrà.

In 1991 she performs together with Jo Squillo at the Festival di Sanremo with the song Siamo donne, which was included in her third album Over the pop, and after a very engaging tour she is back in Tv on Canale 5 to host Bellezze sulla neve. A long period of study and work in the recording room brings Sabrina to a radical change.

In 1994 the fruits of a new career start to blossom: with the help of a production team consisting of Monti-Zaffret-Portaluri, the record single Rockawillie is born and it becomes a European success. The collaboration continues with the release of the mix Angel Boy, a song with the participation of one of the most famous English rappers: Neal A.D.

1995 is the year of the release of the first album sung entirely in Italian: Maschio dove sei produced by Massimo Riva , and the album is distributed in most European countries.

In November 1995 Sabrina makes her debut in the theater, in a modern comedy inspired by the Knights of the Round Table: I cavalieri della tavola rotunda where she plays a dark version of Morgana. In 1996 together with Jocelyn she hosts the Tv show Grande gioco del mercante in fiera on T.M.C network, and in the season ’97-98 she is back in the theater with the play Uomini sull’orlo di una crisi di nervi.

With Carlo Conti in 1998 she takes part in the Tv show Cocco di mamma for RAI, Channel 1, and that summer she plays a role in the film Jolly blu with the band 883.

A flower broken is the album in English in 1999. The record single I love you is a catchy and artful song, and it matches oriental sounds, the reassuring poliphonies of ABBA and the sophistication of certain songs by Donna Summer.

The passion for music has brought Sabrina to collaborate with young artists as a producer.

In 2001 the call of the theater is strong and Sabrina accepts the offer from director Sergio Japino to be the protagonist of Emozioni, a musical based on the songs by Lucio Battisti, also starring Ambra Angiolini, Mirco Petrini,Vladimir Luxuria.

In September 2002, for the first time Sabrina plays a sort of sexy secret agent, a wild interviewer who searches out the “meteors” of music, film and TV for the Tv show M&M Meteore e Matricole, which ran for two months on Italia 1 network in prime time.

2004 is the year in which Sabrina’s dreams come true: in April her son Luca Maria is born.

In November 2004 Sabrina wins the Best Actress in a Leading Role Award at the 57th Salerno International Film Festival, for her performance in the film Colori by Cristiano Ceriello, “For her radiant, extraordinary and excellent performance in the film” , as stated by the Jurors.

In November 2007 Sabrina flies to Lithuania where she inflames 20,000 spectators in the Vilnius Indoor Stadium.

From January to June 2008 Sabrina tours the French Indoor Stadiums (called Zéniths) for the

RFM PARTY 80, where every weekend she performs for 7000 enthusiastic spectators. The tour continues until mid December 2008.

On May 17th 2008 Sabrina held a concert at the Stade de France in Paris, Europe’s largest stadium, and 48,000 people danced to her hit songs.

On August 24th, after 20 years, Sabrina returns to the Sopot Festival in Poland: in one day only, her performance on You Tube is seen by more than 150,000 viewers!

September 5th 2008: it’s the first birthday of her official Myspace, with 250,000 visitors!

October 3rd 2008: After having sold more than 20 million records worldwide, Sabrina makes a comeback after 9 years of asbsence with the double cd ERASE REWIND Official Remix, released in Italy by Edel and launched n Russia, Ucraine, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Scandinavia, Rumania. The first record single is “Erase Rewind“, is a cover of the original song by The Cardigans with a videoclip directed by Mauro Lovisetto.

Sabrina was also the guest star of the sitcom Taglia & Cuci aired on the Sky Channel Fox, in 2009, with Michele Foresta (Mago Forest) and Orso Maria Guerrini.

On June 15th 2010, the record single CALL ME was released, sung together with Samantha Fox. SABRINA & SAMANTHA, two of the most famous icons of dance music, join their musical careers for the first time and sing together the famous CALL ME, a worldwide hit first performed by Blondie, and now proposed in a completely new danceable version. The fresh and sensual voices of the two stars meet the energy and the sound of DJ ANDREA T MENDOZA and Steve Tibet. The journalists who were looking for a rivalry between the two stars have to change their mind: ” It was all a big set-up” Sabrina said in one of her recent Tv appearances. “For many years we talked about doing something together,” adds Samatha “A few months ago, saying goodbye after having a chat, Sabrina said: ‘Call me, Sam.’ And I answered, ‘Call me, Sab.’ And we started singing that song. The time had come.”

In the same summer of 2010 she was the host, for five prime time installments, of the Tv show MITICI ’80, aired on Italia1 with an average rating share of15%.

Sabrina has currently finished a tour with the show RFM PARTY in the French Indoor Stadiums Zeniths.

Sabrina is the protagonist of the film STARS 80, a French film by Frédéric Forestier and direct product by Thomas Langmann (Oscar winner for the film “The Artist”), released 24th October 2012