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01 January 1970
01 January 1970 |

Rednex is one of few artists that has lasted on the charts for more than two decades and sold more than 10 million records thanks to several Top 10 hits. The project was created by fluke in 1992 and literally exploded into fame in 1994 just days after its first release – “Cotton Eye Joe”. It became a massive hit, went to No.1 at record speed in 15 countries and is today a party classic which has sent the band repeatedly touring the world.

The follow-up releases also achieved significant success, including 4 other million-selling releases, and led to Rednex, for example, spending more weeks (25) at top of the German singles chart than any other act of the last 40 years, thanks to hits such as Wish You Were Here and Spirit Of The Hawk.

Being alone in their own unique and homemade genre has also made them popular in other media as they have been featured with various songs in several major Hollywood-productions..

In 2012, Rednex trashed the convention of the permanent band and now has a performer pool.

Rednex is highly different to other bands, mostly because it’s not even a band – it is more like a project, a concept, a spirit or an attitude, or perhaps it is best described as a clan circled around an idea. Rednex consists of a loosely knit group of creative people – music producers, songwriters, stage performers, video artists, graphic designers, web programmers, marketeers etc.

They all create within the boundaries of a specified concept, the attributes of which consists, for example, the wild west, spirit of freedom, playfulness, carelessness of order and cleaning, positivity, adventure, high energy, party, provocation, high acceptance of variety, joy, as well as a lack of conflicting parts – snobbism, restrictions, trend-following, hip-factoring, pretentiousness, exclusivity, neatness etc.

This unique blend of traits is then put into a musical blend that is less easy to categorise – bluegrass, country, folk, techno, europop, alt. rock …? On top of this it is being performed in a show unlike any other. What largely differentiates Rednex shows from others is their uncompromising level of energy – the party never stops! The amount of positive chaos is incomparable, taking performing to new levels that often stun the audience.

All of this is the backbone of what is being created within Rednex. Since the Rednex expression originates from a concept that shapes the people within it – as opposed to almost all other artists, where the people shape the concept – it sharply differs itself from the generic pop product and as such receives much criticism, as other artists and media are constantly sceptical towards the genuineness and sincerity. Though in Rednex, no person is or will ever be especially important, or at least not in a way that the existence of the project will be dependent upon them.