Pete D Moore

Pete D Moore
Release date
01 January 1970
Pete D Moore
01 January 1970 |

2020 And now in 2020 Pete D’ Moore is Ready to make Mallorca Dance!!!

2019 My songs Pete D Moore “Een ziekte met een naam” Dutch version, Pete D Moore “Spijt” Dutch version FEAT Djamila Celina & Michael Angelo, Chiel Hartkamp, Pete D Moore “Zing met me mee” Dutch version.

2019 Rapper by Wesley Ponsen, “zijn het je ogen” Dutch version, Rapper by John Medley & Charlene Bakker “Mooiste tijd van het jaar” Dutch version, Rapper by Jordy Carrero With “Stoer” Dutch version

2018-2019 Pete D Moore has his own Radio Show on Radio Stad Den Haag called “SOULMATES” with the Best Soul & Dance Classics

2010-2018 After 10 years the start of THE COME BACK. Surprising and succesfull appearance in the X factor with Disco inferno 2011 vs rap by Pete D Moore

1999-2010 Pete D Moore music Dj Malta – 4 years Havana (Rnb sound)

1999-2010 Pete D Moore music Dj Malta – 4 years Bamboo (Party sound)

1999-2010 Pete D Moore music Dj Malta – 2 years Rockefella (Party sound)

1999 The producers Bolland & Bolland came with a realty program Follow that dream. Pete was involved in the band and released 2 singles and album.

1996-1999 Participant in the fim Cutt throat island with Geena Davids.

1995-1996 Touring with Rene Froger in the illegal Romeo Tour.

1994. S.A.Y feat Pete D Moore a succesfull Euro Dance Project from Alex Breintung, With hits like Takes U Higher, Winner of the Game, Watch your face etc.

1991 Successful as M.C. Hammer in a similar Television Show. The Soundmix Show.

1984-1991 Michael Jackson Show- All over the world.

1984 Winner of the finals in the Play Back Show.

1983 As Michael Jackson in a television contest/show called the Play Back Show.

1967-1983 Born in The Hague, The Netherlands.