Miquel Brown

Miquel Brown
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01 January 1970
Miquel Brown
01 January 1970 |

Miquel Brown is a Canadian actress, and disco/soul singer in the 1970s and 1980s, most popular for the songs “Close to Perfection” and the Hi-NRG songs “So Many Men, So Little Time” and “He’s A Saint, He’s A Sinner”, produced in London by Ian Levine.

In 1976, she played Sister Anna in the musical Mardi Gras (which opened on March 18 at the Prince of Wales Theatre, London). It was through this that she was discovered and signed for her first record release, “First Time Around”. This led her to musician Alan Hawkshaw (of Emile Ford and the Checkmates, The Shadows and Love De-Luxe), who signed her for an album deal. The album Symphony of Love (1978) included the title track, “Dancin’ with the Lights Down Low”, “This is Something New to Me”, “The Day They Got Disco in Brazil”, “Do It” and “Something Made of Love”.

Also in 1978, she appeared in the American film Superman, as the non-speaking eighth reporter in a scene following the first Superman spotting.

In need of a new producer in the early 1980s, Brown crossed the paths of Ian Levine and Fiachra Trench in 1983. Together with Record Shack Records, they created the album Manpower, a Hi-NRG release. The first single released from the album, “So Many Men, So Little Time” reached #88 on the UK Singles Chart on June 11, 1983. and peaked at number #2 on the club chart.

In the two years following Manpower, she appeared in stage productions of Only in America, the Leiber and Stoller Musical; The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas and One Mo’ Time, as well as in numerous international clubs, but did not release any more albums until 1985. Close to Perfection (also produced by Levine) could not compete with her first success. The album featured two US dance radio and dance chart hits, with “Black Leather” and “Close to Perfection “, the latter of which gave her, her highest UK Singles Chart placing (#63) for seven weeks.
In 1986, she filled in for The Three Degrees singer Helen Scott while Scott was pregnant. Brown helped the Degrees as they had a single called “This Is The House” to promote around Europe.

Later songs include “On the Radio”, “Footprints in the Sand” and “This Time It’s Real”, all with Nightmare Records.

In 1989, she was seen as Jill in the second episode of the fourth series, “Accidents Happen”, of the British show Casualty.