Milk Inc.

Milk Inc.
Release date
01 January 1970
Milk Inc.
01 January 1970 |

Milk INC. is a dance band that formed in the commercial dance-scene in 1996. The Discography of the band includes a total of seven studio albums and thirty-nine singles.

Milk Inc. released their first single “La Vache” in April 1997. At first they were only successful in Belgium and the United Kingdom, but are now available in many European countries and in the United States.
Milk Inc. have had several tours throughout Europe. Their music is characterized by a specific emotional mood, which is created through the use of appropriate synthesizers.

The band has found much success in Europe, with many of their singles charting in countries such as the Netherlands, United Kingdom, France and Spain. They are most successful in their native country Belgium, where they have twenty-seven hit singles which have been in the Ultratop Chart, twenty-two of them being inside the top ten and four of them being number ones.

Furthermore, All of their seven albums have charted there, with two of them reaching number one.

The band are the current record holders for the number of TMF Awards in Belgium and the Netherlands, with a total of 17 awards received.