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01 January 1970
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MAXX (short for MAX-imum X-tasy) is a famous ’90s eurodance duo act best known for the hit singles: “Get-A-Way,” “No More (I Can’t Stand It)” and “You Can Get It.” In the mid-‘90s, MAXX achieved widespread popularity and success in Europe due to their creative mixture of ragga style rap, female singing and high energy dancefloor beats. Today, the duo act is fronted by original MAXX vocalist Elyse (aka Linda Meek) and newcomer Elijah MC.

MAXX was originally formed late in 1993 by music executive David Brunner (aka The Hitman) and music producer Jürgen Wind (aka George Torpey) in Berlin, Germany. When the debut single “Get-A-Way” was first released, it quickly became a Top 10-hit in Germany and grew to become a major hit in dance clubs all across Europe. The single was later certified gold in Germany and silver in the UK. By mid-1994, it reached a sum total of 1.1 million in European record sales. The single originally featured vocals by rapper Gary B. and singer Samira Besic. For unknown reasons, Besic did not participate further in MAXX beyond recording vocals for the single. In her place for the accompanying music video was dancer-model Alice Montana. Montana lip-synced Besic’s vocals for the music video and was falsely advertised as the voice behind MAXX for a short period of time. After an intense search in Germany for an official replacement for Besic, singer-songwriter Elyse (aka Linda Meek) was discovered and brought into the act as lead singer in early 1994. She recorded vocals for the follow-up MAXX single “No More (I Can’t Stand It)” which also became a Top-10 European hit like its predecessor.

In spring 1994, MAXX began touring across Europe and Canada as a live duo act while also appearing on popular music TV programs like Top of the Pops, Bravo TV, and Dance Machine. Even though Elyse did not originally sing “Get-A-Way” or appear in the music video for that song; she became associated with it due to her powerful live covers of the song for concerts and live TV appearances.

In June 1994, the debut MAXX album “To The Maxximum” was released. The album produced another hit single “You Can Get It” that ranked No. 21 in UK and No.13 in Finland. Later that year, MAXX recorded the song “Power of Love” specifically for the Christmas iteration of the popular German compilation CD series known as Bravo Hits.

By early 1995, MAXX began to struggle to repeat their earlier success with their newer single releases. The MAXX singles “I Can Make You Feel Like” and “Move Your Body” failed to resonate with audiences in Europe while also failing commercially. To the surprise of many, MAXX came to an abrupt end and quickly disbanded in late 1995 without explanation.

After 22 years since the breakup, MAXX has officially returned to live performing with the combined talents of original MAXX vocalist Elyse and the rapper/singer Elijah MC. Get ready to experience one of the wickedest sounds of the ‘90s in the year 2017. Get ready to take it to the MAXX!