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Lucie Silvas
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01 January 1970
Lucie Silvas
01 January 1970 |

I decided to delete my previous and rather official biog because it was a bit impersonal. I have had some amazing experiences so far in my career and met some amazing people. I am so grateful for the music i have done and the things i have been able to do… but it matters more what you do next… more than the statistics of your past! Working on a new album, coming soon… So here’s my new biog…
I was born in England but raised half way across the world in New Zealand. I grew up with music all around me and can’t remember wanting to do anything else but sing. I began writing songs when i was around 10, although hopefully they will stay in a dusty cardboard box for all eternity!) I always had a love for song-writing and saw artists like carole King, Stevie Wonder and James Taylor as my heroes. I started piano around that time too, my sisters and I were all encouraged to play instruments and my parents were big music lovers.
I became a backing singer when i was 17 for an amazing singer/songwriter Judie Tzuke who became a mentor for me and a huge influence on my song writing. We toured everywhere we could get to, it was a great and interesting start to my career being on the road for weeks on end and getting a feel for being on stage.
It was Judie who i co-wrote allot of my first album Breathe in with and finally released it in 2004. Mike Peden produced it who I had worked with on songs for other artists. He believed in me and helped me so much with the kind of album i wanted to make. Touring and promoting my first album was some of the most exciting times of my life and i always felt motivated and lucky to be doing it and performing for all types of audiences around the world.
Moving onto the 2nd album The same side was a scary but exciting time. I worked with a lot of the same great writers from my first album and got to work with a few new people too. It was probably the best summer I had had in years recording the second album. I spent weeks with the wonderful Danton Supple who produced the album and my good mates who also play in my band. All of us have spent so much time together and played all sorts of venues in different countries. What made it even better was having my big sis Mia on the road with me too as my backing singer. She is now working on her own material although I still try and steal her sometimes.
Performing and meeting people are two of the best things about being in music. Being inspired by other people’s music and getting to work with them. I have written songs for other artists and written with many different people for my albums too as well as performed with artists who i love.
I have probably left out a few things but if you really want to know you could try googling it and see what comes up! Hopefully there will be more to add to this very soon…
with love and thanks