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John Miles
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01 January 1970
John Miles
01 January 1970 |

Originally a pupil at the Jarrow School, Miles was a member of the bands The Influence (which also included Paul Thompson, later drummer with Roxy Music; and Vic Malcolm, later lead guitarist with Geordie) and The John Miles Set, before starting his solo career in 1971.

During the 1970s he issued eighteen singles and four albums, including Rebel (1976), Stranger In The City (1977), and Zaragon (1978). However, Miles had most success with singles; in addition to “Music”, he also charted with “Highfly” (1975), “Remember Yesterday” (1976), and “Slow Down” (1977). Most of his songs were co-written with his bassist, Bob Marshall. “Slow Down” was also featured in the 1979 movie Players starring Ali McGraw and Dean Paul Martin.

In the 1980s, he continued to record and tour. In 1983, a new radio station in the South of England, Radio Mercury, used parts from the song “Music” for their link jingles. The song itself also received extensive airplay on the station.

Miles has toured with Tina Turner, often filling in for Bryan Adams when the latter was unavailable to join her on tour for their duet. Miles is also a frequent guest vocalist on albums by The Alan Parsons Project.

Throughout the late 1980s and into the 1990s, Miles was the music director to Tina Turner on her various tours, and played on several of her albums. He also played Hammond organ on Joe Cocker’s album Night Calls (1992). Today he is still making music, which he famously refers to as his “first love”.

In 1990, Miles participated in the UK heat of A Song for Europe with the song “Where I Belong”, which came second.

In 2002 he issued the DVD John Miles – Live In Concert.

In 2007 Miles performed in Gelsenkirchen, Germany with the German band Pur and sang two songs. One of those songs, “Abenteuerland”, Miles sang with Pur in German. The concert is available on the DVD, Pur-Friends-Live-Schalke-2007.

In October 2008, Miles began touring once again with Rock Legend, Tina Turner. Turner had an extensive American-European Tour, stretching from October 2008 to late April 2009.