Jocelyn Brown

Jocelyn Brown
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01 January 1970
Jocelyn Brown
01 January 1970 |

Jocelyn Lorette Brown was born in Kingston, North Carolina in 1950. Here is how she describes herself: Jocelyn Brown’s a singer. A black woman from North Carolina, migrated from there to New York City and from there to London. Educated with music through being a background singer and also through my family who are also gospel singers..

She’s a mother of three children. She’s a woman that stands firmly on her feet about all things. She’s open-minded, very tender. My love of God is wonderful.
She began her career singing with groups like Kleeer, Machine, Disco Tex & The Sex-O-Lettes and Change (her voice is featured on 3 tracks: A Lover’s HolidayIt’s A Girl’s Affair and Angel In My Pocket. She was credited as Jocelyn Shaw, which was her married name. Then she became the lead vocalist for the project Inner Life, back in 1979. That’s how she released hits like Ain’t No Mountain High EnoughMoment Of My LifeI Like It Like ThatMake It Last Forever or I’m Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair).

She also took part to Musique’s Push Push In The Bush (with Christine Wiltshire) and Keep On Jumpin’. Musique’s producer/co-writer Patrick Adams said : Jocelyn Brown and Christine Wiltshire were the two greatest living vocalists. Jocelyn had the strength and gospel background, and Christine had the refinement and precision to make for some really slick backgrounds. Together, with whatever third person they brought to the party, it was a gas.

During the 1980s she kept on contributing to disco and soul projects such as Chic (Soup For One), George Benson (Give Me The Night), Bernard Edwards (for instance his album Glad To Know You), Candido (Jingo), Manu Dibango (Soul Mokassa LP), Salsoul Orchestra’s (Christmas Jollies II), Culture Club and Janis Ian. She also did backing vocals for Janis Joplin, John Lennon, Roberta Flack, Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Mick Jagger, Tom Jones, Diana Ross, Patti Austin, Bette Midler, Michael Bolton, Lou Reed, Debbie Harry, Billy Idol and Steve Winwood.

Her more recent contributions to dance artists and projects singles are numerous, she took part in Melodie MC’s last album and DJ Bobo’s World In Motion. She released a duo with her friend Kym Mazelle (No More Tears). There was also Incognito’s Always There which reached no. 6 in the UK charts in 1991. Jocelyn worked with Incognito again after that on their 1999 album. She has worked a lot with Masters At Work in both M.A.W. records (such as Can’t Stop The Rhythm in 1993) and in their NuYorican Soul project. Another big hit was Right Said Fred‘s Don’t Talk, Just Kiss which reached no. 3 in the UK charts.
In 1995, the diva teamed up with the group Serious to record two albums for the Japanese market: Jocelyn’s Classic R&B Mastercuts and Jocelyn’s Classic Reggae Mastercuts.
1997 she teamed up which the Kama Sutra project to release a single entitled Happiness. Other dance acts she’s been singing with are Alyson Williams, Karisma, Off Shore, Da Mob (in 1998), Motiv 8, Jestofunk, Jamestown and AK Soul Free, Show You Love in 1998 which she also co-wrote.

From the beginning of her career, she considers she has taken part in more than 200 songs. Jocelyn is one of the most “gay-friendly” divas around, with frequent appearances in night-clubs, the Gay Pride celebrations in London and also at the Manchester Mardi Gras festival. Jocelyn also appeared on Gaytime TV in the “Torchsong” spot.
As for her solo career, she released many albums. She wrote her massive 1984 hit Somebody Else’s Guytogether with her sister, Annette Brown and re-released it in 1998. Jocelyn also sang 2 songs on Disney’s soundtrack for the animated movie Hercules: The Gospel Truth and A Star Is Born. She continues to write songs with her sister Annette, who also helps manage her family members’ creative activities.
2002: Her voice was featured by the project Risque for the single Black Skin.

Later in the 1980s she worked with Jellybean on many singles such as Love’s Gonna Get You. Afterwards she discovered that her voice had been sampled from this song in Snap‘s song The PowerI thought I had been cheated. That I had been ripped off. That no one even cared that, I was the singer and no one paid me. No one acknowledged me or anything, it was very painful, it’s very hard to know that everyone else was living off of that, but me.. It’s still to this day – exactly the same way. She admits she is one of the most sampled female voices in the business. The song Love’s Gonna Get You was also the base for Bizarre Inc.’s song I’m Gonna Get You in 1992. This tune was credited Bizarre Inc. Feat. Angie Brown (who is not a relative of Jocelyn’s).