Jeckyll & Hyde

Jeckyll & Hyde
Release date
01 January 1970
Jeckyll & Hyde
01 January 1970 |

Suddenly a new act was born- The Dutch Jump Act Jeckyll & Hyde.

What started as a project from the successful producers duet Ruthless & Vorwerk, rapidly grew on to be a huge success and founder of the wicked Jump hype conquering the whole of Holland.

Frozen Flame, the first commercial hit record release by Jeckyll & Hyde, was the first jump track ever to establish a cross-over to mainstream charts. This enormous hit including its entertaining and original stop motion Lego video clip, managed to climb up to the number 11 spot on the Dutch Top 40 charts.
From the moment this record was discovered and plugged by various radio and TV stations in The Netherlands there was no stopping anymore. Interviews, TV performances and on stage performances across the country followed as if there was no tomorrow. From Jump clinics in magazines and on radio and TV to on-stage performances in clubs and on a variety of massive parties.
The second Jeckyll & Hyde single Freefall gained the number 1 spot in the Dutch Top 40 charts within a week, making it the first instrumental number 1 hit since 1989. Meanwhile Holland is “Jumping” on, also because of the successful TV show called TMF Jump, which Jeckyll & Hyde weekly showed off the latest jump moves on to the Dutch viewers.
Mind-blowing performances in Amsterdam on Queens day meant the start of a new and hectic period: Summer 2007!
During the hot summer months Jeckyll & Hyde performed their live act in Spain and Italy in different clubs every week.
Internationally Jeckyll & Hyde and its catchy sounds are being picked up on by countries such as the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Scandinavia and the US.
The international success of Jeckyll & Hyde has been rewarded recently with a nomination for the MTV New Sounds of Europe Award.

After this mind blowing summer period it was time for the release of the third Jeckyll & Hyde single: Time Flies. This track immediately turned out to be a major airplay success on the Dutch TV and radio stations again and is climbing fast in the Dutch charts as we speak. Now 2 TMF Awards Nominations (TMF Radio Hit & TMF Party Award) can be added to all the major Jeckyll & Hyde successes.
With a schedule that is absolutely chock-a-block until the beginning of 2008, the point has been made- Jeckyll & Hyde are here to stay!