Release date
01 January 1970
01 January 1970 |

The name Ingrid was given by her parents as tribute to the actress and movie star Ingrid Bergman, who was her father’s favourite.
Ingrid’s parents ran a movie theatre in a small city between Parma and Reggio Emilia, an area known as the cradle of Italian music, either classical or modern. Ingrid grew up watching movies and listening to their sound-tracks which, as herself declares, had a major influence on her decision to become a singer. Movies sparked off Ingrid’s imagination and fuelled her ambition and desire to convey all her strong emotions and passions to as many people as possible. Ingrid’s artistic path started with painting and acting but soon singing turned out to be her most powerful form of expression. She began performing in piano-bars, musicals and as solo voice with local jazz bands, but soon her soft and unique voice, together with an Incredible capacity of interacting with her audience during shows brought her to meet the famous dance music producers Larry Pignagnoli and Marco Soncini. They offered Ingrid to write the lyrics and sing their brand-new tune, and soon “Tu es foutu” came to life. The track broke all records of airplay on Italian networks and immediately became an international hit.
After the huge success of her first album “Rendez vous” Ingrid starts an endless number of tours all over the world, and after more than ten years she’s still considered one the most talented artist in the dance-music panorama.
Ingrid has released 3 dance albums, 2 chill-out albums, various singles plus a number of joint projects with other artists met all over the word during her performances (Russia, Poland, Greece, Italy).
She has never neglected her culture and personal education: Ingrid has got Degree cum laude in philosophy.
Ingrid’s huge talent and outstanding capacity of interpreting new roles and suggestions have recently led her career into exploring the word of Pop-Swing almost getting close to Burlesque. Her single “Vive le Swing” in its club remix has reached N.1 position in world chart DJ Tunes.