Golden Earring

Golden Earring
Release date
01 January 1970
Golden Earring
01 January 1970 |

Golden Earring was incorporated on the 2nd of September 1961.

Neighbour boys George Kooymans and Rinus Gerritsen start the band The Golden Earrings, named after the hit by The Hunters. They are one of the many start-up bands from the music scene in The Hague and band members come and go. After a domestic breakthrough in the Netherlands, the band scores its first hit in 1966 with the song “That Day”. Only “Michelle” by the Beatles withholds the single record from reaching number one.

In 1967 lead singer Frans Krassenburg is succeeded by Barry Hay and in 1970 the drummer Cesar Zuiderwijk joins Golden Earring.

The single Radar Love becomes a number one hit worldwide and at present the band in its current formation consisting of George Kooymans, Rinus Gerritsen, Cesar Zuiderwijk and Barry Hay, has already been active for 5 decenniums. Management and daily business operations are being done since forever by the brother of Rinus, Rob Gerritsen.

Golden Earring has been touring, with the exception of a sabbatical of 1 year in 2000, nonstop since 1970. With sold-out venues in the Netherlands and abroad, Golden Earring has captured the most renowned festivals, theatres, pop stages and halls. The band has achieved a great international success in the seventies, eighties and nineties. Mostly because of the hits Radar Love and Twilight Zone and the albums “Moontan” and “Cut”.

Also, in the Netherlands it has a dominant position in the national music world with over 30 golden and platinum albums. The band score to date no less than 389 weeks in the Dutch Top 40 and is there with the most successful Dutch single record artist in those listings. With 5 hit listings in the American Billboard Hot 100, Golden Earring is also the most successful Dutch act in the USA; with Twilight Zone they even scored a number one hit in Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Tracks in 1982.

In total six singles and eight albums reached the leading lists by Billboard. The band completed thirteen extensive tours through North-America and five through Great Britain. Also, on the mainland of Europe tours were often made. Worldwide, millions of albums have been sold and till today, 35 years of rock music history passes by during the long-time sold-out concerts. The hits Radar Love, just a little bit of peace in my heart and Twilight Zone are sung along by the fans on the top of their voices, word for word.

In the nineties, Golden Earring launches an acoustic album which becomes one of its bestselling titles: The Naked Truth, followed by Naked II, Naked III and Fully Naked.
In 2009 Golden Earring made its comeback in England with concerts in Ipswich and London and in July 2011, also in London at the famous Abbey Road Studios, the long-time expected latest studio album is recorded live: Tits’n’Ass, which immediately turned into a Golden album.

In August of the same year Dutch TNT Post issues a special post stamp on the occasion of the 50-year jubilee of the band and an exhibition is presented at the Haags Historisch Museum in The Hague. The band is, as of today, still performing on major (pop/rock) venues and can be found in all the large theatres throughout The Netherlands and incidentally a show in Belgium and Germany.