Francesco Napoli

Francesco Napoli
Release date
01 January 1970
Francesco Napoli
01 January 1970 |

The young talented , but still unkown singer , was discovered within a famous song competition in Italy. A German producer saw the temperamental singer ,who had already had concerts with his own band and invited him to stay two weeks in Germany for several concerts. In result , Francesco Napoli extended the tour for more than 30 years in Germany , Europe and all over the world.
His greatest hit Balla Balla (1987) was sold over 12 million times in 44 countries !!! The song was even catapulted into the American Billboard Charts in the Top 5 , at the same time as Michael Jackson, Madonna and other famous Megastars. That was his musical breakthrough, a further new Superstar of the 80’s was born. He received numerous gold and platinum records and awards.

He had further Top Ten Hits with Lady Fantasy,
Balla Balla II , Marina Marina especially in Spain, Italy, France, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Czech Republic and Hungary. And moreover South- and North America. Peter Columbus , the producer of his first success and greatest hit and later the unforgettable Hanne Haller made a producing contract with him.

Francesco Napoli himself also became popular as a composer , text writer and moreover producer of his own songs. Nearly all his greatest hits were written by the artist himself as Piano Piano, Due Aangeli, Notte Chiara Lady Fantasy, just a little selection of his songs.

All famous TV channel and shows requested Francesco Napoli and of course he was part of the first and greatest Italian night in the Dortmund Westfalen Halle, one of the biggest arenas of this time with more than 70000 people inside watching this spectacle broadcasted live on the main German TV channel (ZDF). In Poland he became a superstar and icon, started in one of the most famous polish festivals in Sopot (Gdansk) . The importance of this event is actually comparable to the Eurovision Song Contest, in which he also took part in Germany later on, It was broadcasted live to all eastern countries including Russia, with millions of people watching the new superstar. Since that time, his popularity increased unimaginably.