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01 January 1970
01 January 1970 |

Dune is a rave/techno band.

The band formed in 1995 and divided with the departure of Verena von Strenge, their lead singer, in 2000, before they could release their album Reunion (the album was never released due to a court order that stopped the single “Heaven”). After a short break, Dune announced a new single “Dark Side Of The Moon” and the return of Verena von Strenge.

During the Happy Hardcore time in the Netherlands Dune has had several big hits. Some of the best know songs are “Are you ready to fly”, “Hardcore Vibes”, “Can’t stop raving” and “Rainbow to the stars”.

Their latest single “Rainbow To The Stars 2003” was released on 23 June 2003.

A track commonly mis-credited to Dune is “Starchild” & “Starchild II” but it was actually released in 1995 by the Swedish group with the same name as the song; Starchild.

When Verena Von Strenge came back to Dune in late 1999, they recorded the single “Dark Side Of The Moon”, and began recording songs for an album called Reunion. However, Dune recorded a cover of Avancada & Central Seven’s 1999 hit “Piece Of Heaven”, changed the lyrics, and called it “Heaven”. Dune incorrectly thought they had permission to produce the cover. The CD single and an LP Vinyl release was made, and a music video, which played on VIVA TV in Germany. However, a week later, A7 put in a court order on the single “Heaven”, saying it sounds like their single “Piece Of Heaven”. Dune was later forced to remove “Heaven”, and they could not release their album Reunion due to the court order. The recorded singles, except for “Heaven”, were released on the later album “History”.