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Dj Frank
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01 January 1970
Dj Frank
01 January 1970 |

It all seemed very clear that I was born to be a nightlife-person : I wouldn’t sleep at night, unless I could watch my father’s taperecorder for an hour or 2 ! Very impressed by the UV-Meters & a lot of lights I fell asleep…

At the age of 4 I got my first guitar ! It got me playbacking the Rubettes (a 70’ies group, for those who don’t know them!) on top of the table!

I never participated in playbackshows however, I got more interested in playing records & entertaining people at partys… My dad used to be an occasional DJ at local partys, and I had the chance to accompanion him at several parties…

I started buying records at the age of 12! When I got 16 I was DJ on my own birthday-party… From then I chose : I WANNA BE A DJ.

My interest for music & especially “making music” became stronger as I was playing more than 4 nights a week in Clubs like Carre (Belgiums biggest and most popular club, where I am working for 20 years in 2011). I felt the need to create music myself, playing different things, playing music nobody played because of the simple reason that we made it ourselves! Here you get some highlights of the story.

1995. I opened my own recordstore for DJ’s. Sold it in 2008 due to ‘’too busy’’.

1997. My very first release on Jumper Records Funkin Serious. Nowadays a classic in many DJ-sets.

2003. A combination of 2 old songs brought me to a higher level. I was playing those 2 songs (Fiesta by The Sunclub & Summerjam by The Underdog Project) for a long time… A real hype took place ! Everybody wanted that song, but it was just a combination of two songs, played live with two 12 inches! Then ,the idea grew to do a mash-up and release it officially. I asked AJ Duncan (producer of Kate Ryan) if he had some time to help me with this job…Together we created a Double Platinum Seller, SummerJam 2003 by The Underdog Project.More then 1.300.000 copies sold worldwide!
Thanx to this, I got the opportunity to play all around the world!

2004. I met Danzel on a tour in Turkey and we got the idea to get into the studio together… I met Danzel’s producer, Jaco van Rijswijk, and there was chemistry from the first moment ! My experience with dancefloors all around the world matches his experience in the studio! Together we created a bunch of hits you might know under different Alter Egos.


  • Groovebird
  • Candy On The Dancefloor
  • Bad Bad Baby (with Thea Austin from Snap! (Rhythm is a dancer)


  • One Love, World Love

2006. ‘’One Love, world love’’ is signed worldwide to prestigious labels and pushed by big names like Roger Sanchez.

2011DJ F.R.A.N.K is back again with a smash! DISCOTEX YAH! A pumpy-remix based on Anita Meyer’s ‘Why tell me why’-theme.  In no time a nr 1 hit in home country Belgium. Nr 1 in iTunes Belgium for weeks. And good for Platina in Belgium.

The new single “Put the Light on the Lady” going straight into the charts!