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01 January 1970
01 January 1970 |

After their huge success of the No #1 “Evacuate the dancefloor “last year CASCADA now deliver the literally “hottest “record of their career.

With the release of their brand-new Single Pyromania CASCADA, one of the currently most wanted shooting stars, want to reach the next milestone in the world of dance and pop music. “After our sensational success our fans definitely deserve this new hot, sexy and energetic track. “Pyromania” will definitely touch your soul and rock the clubs. It makes us very proud and we are convinced that “Pyromania” will even surpass “Evacuate the dancefloor”, announced Natalie Horler, the face of CASCADA.

Bonn-based Brit Natalie Horler grew up with music and got influenced by her father, an acclaimed jazz musician, who passed on his passion for music to her. “I knew at a very, very early age that I wanted to be a singer. Even today it means almost everything in my life as singing is the most important part of my personality, “admits the powerful lead-singer with a smile. “When I was a kid, I often looked myself up in my father’s recording studio at home. “From the age of four she began to perform with enthusiasm lots of Jazz and Disney songs together with her father. Later then, she was more influenced by pop music artists such as Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston than her dad’s trombone playing.

Before the 28-year-old met the Cologne-based Yann Peifer (Yanou) and Manuel Reuter (Manian) in 2004, she had already begun to perform and to play smaller gigs whilst working hard on her magnetic and soulful voice. The pair of producers invited Natalie to front their new project, CASCADA. After less than one and a half year they found international fame with their huge debut hit Everytime we touch (over 4 mio copies sold). A smash in the States, the song quickly caught on across the globe, followed by a multi-platinum selling album of the same title. It spawned eight singles, including the massive Miracle.
The second album Perfect Day (over 2 mio copies sold), led by hit single What hurts the most, continued CASCADA’s popularity as one of the world’s best dance acts.
Stimulated and pushed by international fame, the trio kept working hard for their success. While rocking huge crowds nightly during on her international tours, Natalie was also needed in the studio. After an efficient time of writing and recording Natalie, Yanou and Manian succeed in developing their dance-pop-style continuously.
This transformation of sound was especially reflected in the third album Evacuate the dancefloor. The single of the same title conquered radio stations by storm and reached top chart entries. Fans even made the single No #1 in England; it also reached sensational fame across the globe in a flash. This success illustrated the anticipated reward for hard studio work and especially for their courage to change the typical CASCADA sound into something new. “Evacuate the dancefloor” was the first track influenced heavily by Rap, R&B and Soul.
In sum, 5 mio sold copies of her albums, several international music awards and hit-singles including a No #1 Hit speak for themselves. Without any doubt nothing can stem the tide: CASCADA are climbing the top of Mount Olympus of Music.

For 2010 a thrilling new program has been announced. “Our first highlight will be our new song Pyromania”, promise CASCADA. “This track is literally hot like fire…” The futuristic and elaborately designed video of “Pyromania” was shot in Toronto, Canada, at the end of January. Produced by Lisa Mann, who recently worked for Christina Aquilera and Britney Spears, the masterpiece was released on February 17.