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01 January 1970
01 January 1970 |

In the year 1987, the name Cappella was used for the first time. In the beginning was Cappella a Hi-NRG influenced house act with Gianfranco Bortolotti (he was also the main producer) leading the group. Stefano Lanzini, Diego Leoni and Pieradis Rossini were also involved as fellow producers.

In 1988, the act entered for the first time the British charts with the song Bauhaus (Push the Beat), followed in the next year with Helyom Halib which reached # 11. At that time, the front singer was Ettore Foresti.

Three years later, Take Me Away entered the UK top 30. The song contains samples of Loleatta Holloway’s Love Sensation.

In 1993 the success of Cappella really started. U Got 2 Know reached # 6 in the UK charts, in the meantime two permanent members became the face of the act, rapper Rodney Bishop ex-SL2 dancer Kelly Overett. U Got 2 Let the Music  was released in October 1993 and climbed to # 2 on the UK Chart.

More hits followed, like Move On Baby # 7 in February 1994, U & Me # 10 in June and Move It Up became # 16 in October. Not long after this, Overett was fired from the group (she had not actually performed on any of the records).

In 1995, Alison Jordan became the new Cappella vocalist and Rodney Bishop was also replaced by Patrick Osborne. Cappella’s comeback single was Tell Me the Way, wich reached # 17 in the UK charts.

The group continued to have some minor hits in Europe before starting only releasing remixes of previous hits.

In 2004, Cappella (at this time, just as a studio project, so no official members in the group), released a track called Angel which failed to spark the German or Italian charts.