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01 January 1970
01 January 1970 |

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Vengaboys; It began with two DJ’s: Danski and Delmundo, throwing impromptu and illegal beach parties from
their worn out school bus. While touring the Spanish coast and Ibiza between 1992 and 1997 they added four
dancers-cum-singers Roy, Denice, Kim and Robin to ‘spice up’ the DJ sets. Their growing reputation inspired them
to take it a step further and start their own record label and produce records.

The Vengaboys’ first international hit “Up & Down” was released in March 1997 and quickly became a top 5 hit in
Europe before making its way over to the U.S. Up & Down released on the legendary Strictly Rhythm label ruled
the clubs from coast to coast and stormed to number one on the Billboard Dance Chart. Their debut album aptly
titled “Greatest Hits!” reached gold status in the U.S. That same year they were nominated for MTV Best
Breakthrough award.

And that was only the beginning. Multi-platinum pop-dance hits like We Like To Party!, Boom Boom Boom Boom!!
and We’re going to Ibiza were unleashed on the unsuspecting audience. Scoring a massive 7 top 10 and two
number one hits in the U.K. Top 40. Plus reaching the top of the charts in over 40 countries including Germany,
India, Spain, South Africa, Thailand, Poland, Australia, Mexico and more.

And the hits just kept coming; Shalala lala, Kiss (When the sun don’t shine), Uncle John From Jamaica all became solid top 5 hits around the World. As a matter of fact, EVERY Vengaboys single released, became a UK Top 40 hit…

To celebrate the success with the fans, the group organized a massive World Tour through Europe, the U.S.,
Australasia, Japan and South America. Then the team decided to call it quits for a while.

In 2007 the group reformed and embarked on what is now known as their “Non-stop World Tour”.


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