Touch of TOTO

Touch of TOTO
Release date
01 January 1970
Touch of TOTO
01 January 1970 |

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Hold the line for Europe’s #1 TOTO Tribute. Prepare to be blown away by Touch of TOTO’s magnificently thrilling
show. Hits like Africa, Pamela, Stop Lovin’ you, Rosanna and Hold the line will be fired at you in this 2 hour show full
of passion. Armed with the instruments of the original TOTO musicians, as well as the same decor, the performers
will make you forget you’re watching a tribute band. After 10 years full of shows at home and abroad, Touch of
TOTO is on fire and ready to give you a night you will never forget!

> “I want you to go and check it out!” (Steve Porcaro, keys TOTO)

> “I’ve never seen a TOTO Tributeband come this close to the original.”

> “The way you guys blast good vibes into the crowd is unheard of!”

> “So many TOTO tributes just don’t cut it, but you live up to it for a 100 percent!”


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