The Christians

The Christians
Release date
01 January 1970
The Christians
01 January 1970 |

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Do you remember The Christians, the band from Liverpool who burst onto the music scene in 1987? their
distinctive black and white covered debut album The Christians contained no less than 7 singles and still
remains Island Records highest selling debut album EVER for many being the chosen backing track to the 80s, a cool socially aware alternative to some of the cheesy tunes around at the time.

3 years later in Jan 1990 it was followed up by Colour which went straight to Number One knocking Phil Collins
off the number one spot.

Garry Christian sang the lead vocals on the 89 hit Ferry Across the Mersey alongside Paul McCartney and Holly
Johnson in tribute to the 96 Hillsborough victims which included teenage Christians fans Vicki and Sarah Hicks. (a
further Christians song Big Red Sky from recent album WE was also dedicated to the Hillsborough victims and
remains a favorite with the families)

The Christians are back performing hits from both these classic albums including Harvest for the World, Ideal
World, Words, Hooverville, Forgotten Town, Born Again, Greenbank Drive and many more. Still headed by the
enigmatic velvet voiced Garry Christian the songs sound as good now as they did then and sound surprisingly


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