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01 January 1970
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Sylver are a Belgian Eurodance and pop group, which originally consists of lead vocalist Silvy De Bie and
keyboardist/songwriter Wout Van Dessel. They were active between 2000 until 2014, when De Bie decided to
focus on her solo career, but returned in 2016.

The band was formed in the year 2000 as “Liquid feat. Silvy” and released in France and Belgium the single “Turn the Tide” and in the rest of Europe it was released in 2001 under the “Sylver” band name. In Germany, the single
immediately moved to number 8 in the charts, and within 8 weeks was number 2, staying in the top 10 for 12
weeks. The debut album “Chances” debuted a month later at 16 and spent 49 weeks in the top 100, which is
Sylver’s most successful studio album to date. Follow up singles “Forever In Love”, “In Your Eyes” and “Forgiven”
also made the charts. In 2001 “Skin” was only released in Belgium, while in 2002 “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” has
been released as the sixth and final single only in Spain, where it peaked at number 5.

In 2003, the second album Little Things was released with a similar success peaking at number 7 in the Belgian
album charts, with the hit singles “Livin’ My Life” and “Why Worry”. More singles out of the album have been the
double A-Side “Shallow Water”/”Confused” and the fourth and final single “Wild Horses” released in Belgium and
Germany in 2003 with limited success. On 2 November 2004 the third studio album Nighttime Calls was released;
it became Sylver’s least successful studio album to date peaking only at number 23 in the Belgian album charts. The
first single “Love is an Angel” of the album hit the Belgian top 10 immediately upon its release on 20 September. In
2005, the follow up singles “Make It” and “Take Me Back” were released, being moderate hits in Belgium and
Germany respectively.

The fourth studio album Crossroads was released in May 2006. The major hit is Lay All Your Love On Me, a cover
version from ABBA, which also marks Sylver’s first cover version single release ever, peaking at number 5 in the
Belgian single charts. From now on in addition to synthesizer and drum machine, Sylver uses guitar, piano, and
percussion instruments for a more mature pop sound. Follow up singles “One Night Stand” and “Why” have been
released as second and third releases respectively. In 2007, the first compilation album “Best Of – The Hit
Collection 2001-2007” has been released with “The One” being the first and only single release out of it, which
peaked at number 4 in the Belgian single charts.

In 2008, the singles “One World, One Dream” and “Rise Again” have been released. In 2009, Sylver included the
English guitarist John Miles Jr. as their third bandmember, earlier taking part in another popular Belgian group
Milk Inc.. Three more songs, called “I Hate You Now”, the Mike Oldfield cover of “Foreign Affair” and “Music” have
been released as a trio, of which the latter was a cover of bandmember John Miles Jr.’s father John Miles, but also
features John Miles as an artist. Sylver’s fifth studio album Sacrifice was released on 8 May 2009 only in Belgium,
where it peaked at number 3 in the album charts. The album earned the band the TMF award for “Best Domestic
Album” in 2009.

In 2010, the second compilation album “Decade – The Very Best Of Sylver” has been released to the band’s 10th
anniversary with “It’s My Life” being the first and only single release out of it. The album peaked at number 1 at the
Belgian album charts, being Sylvers most successful album there, while the single still managed to be a top 20 hit in
the Belgian single charts. In addition to their 10th anniversary, Sylver released a new version of their very first
single “Turn the Tide”. In 2011 and in 2012, the singles “Stop Feeling Sorry” and “City Of Angels” have been
released as singles only. These two singles mark the final singles to feature original lead vocalist Silvy De Bie (aka
Seeley’s Girl), who will leave the band after thirteen years in the following year.

The group’s original lead vocalist Silvy De Bie left the band in early 2014, leaving the band without a vocalist and
an uncertain future, which forces the band on a temporary hiatus.

In the spring of 2016 the band officially announced their reunion, and has already started to write new material.

In 2017, they released their single “Turn Your Love Around”. In October 2019, Sylver released their single “I Won’t

In October 2019, Sylver announced their “Sylver Lining Tour 2020” with full live-band to celebrate their 20-year
anniversary, which will kick-off in Concertzaal Casino in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium on 20 March 2020


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