Solid HarmoniE

Solid HarmoniE
Release date
01 January 1970
Solid HarmoniE
01 January 1970 |

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Solid Harmonie (stylized as Solid HarmoniE, also known as SHE) is a British/American pop group. The group was
successful, releasing five singles and a self-titled album. They had the most success in the Netherlands where their
album went to #1 in the album charts and was certified gold. Also the single “I Want You to Want Me” peaked at
#4 in the Dutch single charts. They sold over a million records worldwide.

Solid Harmonie formed in 1996 by Lou Pearlman as a female opposite of his earlier created boy bands such as
N Sync and Backstreet Boys. They were signed to Jive Records in the United States. Initially, the band was made up
of the trio Rebecca Onslow (born 3 January 1975, Swansea in Wales), Melissa Graham (born 10 October 1975,
Coventry in England), who was playing in a popular Irish band called Calvary in 1996, and Mariama Goodman (born
25 December 1977, Lambeth in London, England). They released their debut single “Got 2 have ya” in 1996, before
Goodman left in 1997 to care for her ill mother.

Goodman was immediately replaced by Elisa Cariera (born 16 June 1978, Orlando, Florida) in 1997. However
Goodman rejoined the band later in the year and the group became a four-piece. The group was successful,
releasing the four singles “I’ll be there for you”, “I want you to want me”, “I wanna love you” and “To love once again”
preceded by their self-titled debut album release “Solid Harmonie”. In 2014 Solid HarmoniE released a new single
called ‘Circus”co-written by member Melissa Graham.


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