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01 January 1970
01 January 1970 |

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The internationally successful Scandinavian recording group,, now fronted by founding member,
Veronica Almqvist, is excited to announce the upcoming new album, “FOREVER.”

It is a new day for as the group originally began as a duo but now reemerges as one-woman act ready to
take the stage around the world.’s past successes are a predictor for what’s to come. At the start the
group quickly became a hugely successful act in Scandinavia, Asia, and especially in Japan where their debut album,
“SMILE” sold over 500.000 copies and was certified “Gold.”

That year the group received an award for “Best International Girl Group” in Hong Kong and fan reaction to their
hit single, “Butterfly” was swift and loud and it became so popular that it was licensed by video game giant, Konami
to be included in the first version of their internationally successful arcade game, “Dance, Dance Revolution.”

Since then, “Butterfly” has become one of the most popular songs in the game’s history and the video has had more
than 9 million plays on YouTube. has also enjoyed multiple hits on “DDR” and “Dancemania” compilations.
It is clear that’s fans have a passion for their music that resonates around the world.

By then, things were moving fast and the group could not have imagined the next major milestone: they landed a
deal with the major record label EMI (Japan) where went on to release four highly successful albums with
many hits including “Butterfly” that landed at the top of the charts at number 1 in Japan, followed by: “Boys”,
“Coconut”, and “Petite Love.”

As their success grew, the group was invited to perform live in The United States at several big anime conventions
including San Japan, Texas and Sakura Con, Seattle where they were welcomed with open arms. Whilst touring in
America,´s fifth album was released with their single “Koko Soko” reaching number seven in the Japanese
charts. returns to the pop scene with their new album, “FOREVER” whose title is inspired by Veronica’s father
suddenly passing away. Veronica, feeling her profound loss, moved to honor her father and invest everything that
he had given to her that made it possible for Veronica to pursue her dream of making a music career a reality.

The new album, “FOREVER”, which has just been completed, is produced by Christian Wolf who has worked with
such artists as Tom Jones and Dr. Bombay. Christian is also a co-writer on many of the new songs.

You can hear how his musical skills and artistic instincts are unmatched in popular music and are rooted in his work
in many diverse musical genres from contemporary pop and rock all the way to orchestral, symphonic productions.
All of this experience has helped to shape, what those of us who have heard “FOREVER” – into a classic but fresh
and modern album packed with hit songs.

Veronica says, ‘With Christian on board the sound of has evolved. It is emotional and dynamic and while
we capture the “sound” of the group that fans will find familiar, there is so much more to these songs and the vocals
I get to deliver.’

Now she is ready to hit the road and bring the album, FOREVER, to life on stage for all the fans who welcome her…

And this is just the (new) beginning…


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