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01 January 1970
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Miracles do happen. Just imagine, you’re an unknown singer wanting to make a name for yourself. In 2020 you
decide to post live covers of songs on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. You do this from the safe space of your car.
Then, during one of your sessions, your main idol asks to join you on one of the songs. This happened to the 27 year
old SERA from the Dutch town of Sliedrecht. Her versions of Dua Lipa’s IDGAF and Megan Trainer’s NO went viral
overnight with hundreds of thousands of views and lots of new followers.

One of those followers was Justin Bieber. When he spotted SERA’s rendition of one of his songs on Instagram Live
he decided to sing along with her. That proved to be a mega boost for SERA’s career. Only a little later the manager
of Georgina Rodriguez, the wife of footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, contacted her. Before she knew it SERA was on a
plane to go and sing on a surprise party for Ronaldo. That was her first live performance ever, singing only a few
feet away from the world-famous footballer. Scary, for sure, but an incredible experience. “Right away I knew. This
is what I want to do for the rest of my life.”

But SERA, a level-headed Dutch girl, kept her cool, even with her fanbase growing at lightning speed. One of her
most popular videos, the Tones and I-cover Dance Monkey, amassed more than 30 million views. Because of that
and all the raving reviews she received SERA decided to turn professional. She got in touch with producer and
songwriter Bas van Daalen, who has worked with Major Lazer, David Guetta and J Balvin, and went to his studio to
write her own material. She also found a manager and concluded a label deal with Universal Music.

Her debut single “Only Us’ has been released on July 16. 2021. It is a laid-back track full of the hallmarks of SERA’s
personality: unpolished, cheerful and oozing good vibes. ‘Only Us’ is about her love for her partner, Tess, her anchor
in life.

The 27 year old SERA grew up loving music. Her Turkish father and Dutch mother played all kinds of music at
home, from pop superstars like Whitney Houston and Céline Dion to Arabian and Turkish artists such as Alabina
and Ahmet Kay. SERA: “My sister listened to 90’s R&B and my brother loved Eminem and Tupac. I just liked
everything.” When the family bought a karaoke set SERA often sang ‘Fallin’’ from Alicia Keys and proved to be a
natural. She had dreams of an international singing career but found it hard to project herself. In 2020 she finally
got up the nerve to post a few covers on social media. The rest is history.

With her incredible voice and no nonsense attitude SERA is now an up and coming star. She says: ”It makes no
difference to me if I sing for one person or for a million people: I have found where my heart lies.”


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