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01 January 1970
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Sabrina is an Italian singer, showgirl, model, actress and record producer. After winning a beauty contest in her
native region, Liguria, she started modeling, and in 1985 made her TV debut in the prime time show Premiatissima
on Canale 5. That same year, her debut single was released: Sexy girl, produced by Claudio Cecchetto, the single
became a Top 20 hit in her native Italy. She released her first album in late 1987, simply titled Sabrina, which soon
became her stage name in the 1980s. In addition to “Sexy Girl“, the album included Sabrina’s international top5
breakthrough, the smash hit single “Boys (Summertime Love)“, which has sold more than 1,5 million copies to date
worldwide, and “Hot Girl”, which made the top10 in five European countries. In 1988 Sabrina received “The Best
European Singer” award, and enjoyed another European-wide summer hit with the single “All Of Me (Boy Oh Boy)
(produced by Stock, Aitken & Waterman).

Later in that year, her second album, “Super Sabrina”, was released, and she established herself as a true European
sex symbol thanks to the raunchy videos that accompanied hits such as “My Chico” and “Like A Yo Yo” (produced by
Giorgio Moroder). The latter became the TV theme of Odiens, a very popular Italian Saturday prime time TV show,
in which Sabrina also starred. Thanks to the success of the albums and her sexy image, she was soon to perform
in several European TV shows and concert such as the Montreux Pop Festival in 1988. Another famous
performance was in 1989 at the Olympic Stadium in Moscow, where fifty thousand people gathered over three
days to enjoy Sabrina’s shows & music.

In 1989 she starred in the Italian movie “Fratelli d’Italia” and released a remix album called “Super Sabrina Remix”,
as well as a new single, “Gringo”. In 1990 Sabrina co-hosted the daily morning TV show “Ricomincio da 2” with
Raffaella Carrà on Rai Due, and appeared on the popular music show Festivalbar with a new single called “Yeah, Yeah”. 1991 marked a turning point in Sabrina’s career: she performed a duet with Italian singer Jo Squillo in
singing “Siamo donne”, her first release in the Italian language. They performed together at 1991’s Sanremo Music
Festival to much acclaim. Sabrina’s third studio album, “Over the Pop”, was released the same year, and for the first
time she was allowed to co-write and produce some of the songs. It was clear that Sabrina’s will to mature as an
artist were emerging, and this desire for independence and a distancing from her sexy image led to conflict with
her management. As a result the album promotion was interrupted and the new single, “Cover model”, was
released only in France. Sabrina parted with her label and management, a decision that took to a four-years hiatus
in her career and just in 1995 she was able to come back to show biz, co-hosting some Italian TV shows and
releasing with an indie label two new singles, “Rockawillie” and “Angel boy”, which were minor successes in Italy
and Scandinavian countries.

The following year she established her own recording studio in Treviso with her then-husband Enrico Monti and
released her first Italian language album, “Maschio dove sei?” in which she collaborated with Massimo Riva (Vasco
Rossi’s guitarist and longtime friend), who added a more mature pop/rock influence to Sabrina’s music. 1996 saw
her theater debut with the comedy “I cavalieri della Tavola Rotonda”, playing the role of Morgan le Fay, and after a
two year stint she then hosted the game show “Il mercante in fiera” on TMC. In 1998 after the success of her stage
debut, she was cast in a new comedy called “Uomini sull’orlo di una crisi di nervi” which was also very successful,
but during production she suffered a broken knee and was unable to continue. She had recovered by Summer and
could host the show “Cocco di mamma” on Rai Uno. In this show she had the chance to sing some Italian and
international summer hits of the past, and these performances led to her pursuing a musical comeback. The same
year she was in the cast of Italian music band 883’s debut movie “Jolly Blu” and of the sitcom “Tutti gli uomini sono
uguali” aired on Italia 1. In 1999 she released a new album, “Flower’s broken”, in Italy and Spain but, although an
early curiosity was evoked by the new single “I love you”. 2001 saw Sabrina’s comeback to theatre with the musical
“Emozioni” that received very good reviews from critics. The following year she hosted another TV show on Italia 1
called “Matricole & Meteore”, in which she travelled the world in order to uncover the current situations of former
star such as Shannen Doherty, Al Corley, Gary Coleman, Jimmy Sommerville, Charlene Tilton and others. In April
2004 she gave birth to her first child, a son called Luca Maria. In 2005 she has starred in the independent film
Colori that was premiered at the Salerno´s Independent Cinema Festival, where she won the The Critics’ Choice
Awards as best actress. In November 2006 she performed on Russian concert “Дискотека 80-х”. On December 31,
2007 she appeared in the New Year’s Eve show of Gato Fedorento, on Portuguese television, with a live lip-
synched performance in front of 10,000 people. At 17th May 2008 Sabrina was in concert at Stade de France in
Paris: a big success with 45000 people. August 2008 Sabrina return, like a special guest, at Sopot Festival in Poland.

In October 2008 she is in tour again throughout France with the nostalgia tour RFM Party 80 organized by French
network RFM. She also released her first greatest hits cd, “Erase rewind official remix”. 15th June2010:
Samantha Fox and Sabrina come together for the first time to cover the massive hit of Blondie “Call Me“,
taken from the soundtrack of “American Gigolo” with Richard Gere. A new version that will unleash all the dance
floors! Who would have ever thought? People believed they were in a great rivalry but the blonde and the brunette
ward off these voices thanks to this extraordinary duet in collaboration with the Italian most glamorous DJ Andrea
T. Mendoza (Billionaire Club) and his partner Steve Tibet.

The journalists who sought a rivalry between the two stars must now think again, “It was all a big frame,” said
Sabrina in a recent television appearances. “For years we talked about doing something together” – continues
Samantha – “A few months ago, after a chat, Sabrina told me, ‘Call Me, Sam’. I replied. ‘Call Me, Sab’ . And so we
started to sing that song. It was the right time“. In the summer of 2010, Sabrina very successfully hosted the tv
show “MITICI ’80”. Sabrina took part in the movie “Stars 80” directed by Frédéric Forestier and produced by
Thomas Langmann (Oscar winner for the film “The Artist”), released in France on October 24th 2012, where she
plays herself.

Starting from October 25th, Sabrina will be engaged in a long tour throughout France, that will finish at the end of
December ’13

In 2014 Sabrina has a new recording project with one of the biggest producers of the moment, the American Rick
Nowels. The latter has composed great hits for stars such as Madonna, Kim Wilde, Eros Ramazzotti, Laura Pausini,
Geri Halliwell, Craig David and many others, and he has also won a Grammy Award. The single COLOUR ME
written by Sabrina and Mauro Lovisetto, he’s come out in summer 2014. In the same year, Sabrina was the star of
the talent show “The Rink” broadcast on RAI 1 for 5 episodes led by Flavio Insinna. In mid-October will resume
Sabrina French tour in major French Zenith. The unstoppable Sabrina never stops: in 2016 Sabrina started a new
movie “STARS 80 ….. THE SUITE” in French cinemas, next year. In December 2018, the new single “Voices” signed
by Sabrina, George Santana, Ja vy Selfert and artistically produced by Mauro Ferrucci and Tommy Vee for Airplane!
Europe. In 2019 Sabrina continues in the French sports halls, the “Stars 80” tour touching on May 18th the “Stade
de France” of Paris and on June 1st the stadium of Lyon. Sabrina also participated in the film “Airplane Mode”
directed by Fausto Brizzi, released last February 21, 2019. From November 2019 to June 2020 the French tour
“Stars 80” starts again.


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