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01 January 1970
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Rochelle Perts is a Dutch singer unlike any other our country has seen before. At the age of 19, she won the 2011
X-Factor competition, and her subsequent single, a cover of Jordin Sparks’ “No Air”, peaked at number 1 in the
Dutch Top 100 charts.

Shotgun”, Rochelle’s biggest exploit so far, is also one of the Netherlands’ biggest hits and it is still breaking records
around the world. Produced by Yellow Claw and released by Spinnin’ Records, the single features beats as hard as
steel, combined with Rochelle’s warm yet edgy sound.

After entering the Dutch charts, it wasn’t long before neighboring countries picked up this massive hit; “Shotgun”
received airplay in Belgium, Greece, Armenia, Turkey and Azerbaijan and ended up on several iTunes’ Top 10
Charts around the globe. The video has more than 89 million views on YouTube, and more than 20 million plays on
Spotify and is also played on Sirius XM, one of America’s biggest radio stations with over 25 million listeners.

In early 2015 Rochelle collaborates with Lady Bee and together they release “Return Of The Mack”, a cover of
Mark Morrisons hit from 1996. The video reached over 150.000 YouTube views in one day.

Dutch DJ Oliver Heldens did a remix, which was picked up by Sirius XM in the US. Next to the Oliver Heldens
remix, there was a complete remix package with Dirtcaps, Poupon and SNBRN .

In May 2015, Rochelle joined forces with the unique, energetic trio Dirtcaps ,together they’ve created “Fools Paradise” . This was signed on the Amsterdam based Record Label Young Elephants. Rochelle is one of the first
promising and successful music artists in the international music industry, who is represented by Young Elephants.

In February 2016 Rochelle released her first single after a couple of years of only releasing as a feature artist in
collaboration with Electronic dance Music artists . With this release “All Night Long” she instantly hit one of the
biggest commercial radio stations in The Netherlands. After that she went into the Dutch top 40 and stayed there
for 23 weeks. Next to that she reached the GOLD status and with more than 8,5 million plays on Spotify and more
than 7 million views on YouTube, Rochelle made a great (re)start of a most promising international career.

During Rochelle her stay in Surinam, where she was shooting her video for her new single “All Night Long”, she met
the famous Dutch DJ, Sandro Silva. They had a great time as there was an immediate click between the two. They
decided to create a track together, called “Breaking Walls”. In June 2016 Sandro Silva released this song with
Rochelle as feature on her home base label Young Elephants.

In September 2016 Rochelle released her second single featured with Kalibwoy, about her “Way Up”. On the day of
release she instantly hits the playlist on one of Hollands biggest commercial radio station, Radio 538. Meanwhile,
while the team around her is growing bigger, more songs are being prepared, the future looks bright for Rochelle
who has always dreamed of having an career as an international music artist.

Ready to kick goals in 2017, Rochelle welcomes in the New Year with a brand new single, titled “Don’t Let Me Go.”
With her forte in portraying tangible stories through sound, this release highlights a love affair that left her
completely heartbroken. The video-clip tells a story about Rochelle having two boyfriends, and although she was
receiving an abundance of love, she felt a darker side of herself emerge as she ends up alone at the conclusion of
the video.

Besides making music, Rochelle is also involved in the Dutch fashion scene, where she works with many young and
fresh designers. As an up-and-coming fashion icon and model, she has been featured in L’Officiel, JFK and Elle
magazine and Krijn van Noordwijk’s photo book TAT TOO. While Rochelle’s sound may be warm and fresh, she
prefers to keep it dark and edgy when it comes to couture, further highlighting her mysterious personality.

Rochelle Perts is a unique and artistic woman, with heaps of musical talent, a larger than life personality and a
remarkable sense of style. Get ready to be stunned.


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