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01 January 1970
01 January 1970 |

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Loona was born 16 September 1974 in IJmuiden, Netherlands. In 1991, she met DJ and producer DJ Sammy at
Zorba’s Club in El Arenal Mallorca. In 1992, DJ Sammy became resident DJ at the Joy Palace Club in El Arenal,
while Van der Kolk was a resident dancer there, for whom she started to be a background singer for live
performances. She soon adopted the stage name “Carisma” and performed as a featured artist on DJ Sammy’s
music. In 1996, they released their first singles “Life is Just a Game” and “You Are My Angel”, which was their first
hit. In 1997, with the release of their third single “Prince of Love”, they scored a Top 30 hit in Germany, followed by
the singles “Golden Child” and “Magic Moment”. DJ Sammy’s debut studio album Life Is Just A Game, which heavily
involved van der Kolk on vocals, peaked at 62 in the German album chart. In the Summer of 1998, van der Kolk
came up with a new project called Loona (leaned on the Spanish word “luna” for “moon”), also produced by DJ
Sammy. Originally started as a Duo, DJ Sammy stayed in the background for music videos and cover arts. The first
single, which also appeared as a bonus track on Life is Just a Game, was a cover of Paradisio’s song “Bailando” and it
became the summer song of 1998 in Germany, reaching the number 1 of the German charts 8 weeks long and
Echo-awarded as “Best International Dance Single”. By Autumn, it was followed by another single “Hijo de la Luna
(a cover of the Spanish band Mecano) which also reached number 1 on the German charts. These two singles sold
millions and became gold- and platinum selling records in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In 1999, Loona’s first studio album titled Lunita was released, followed by the third and final single from this album,
the Top 30 hit “Dónde Vas”. Afterwards, the song “Mamboleo”, a cover version of Herbert Grönemeyer’s song
“Mambo”, was released from the second album Entre dos Aguas reaching #5 in German single chart. It was Echo-
awarded as “Best Dance Single” in 1999. Due to a lawsuit set up by Herbert Grönemeyer for infringement, a second
black and white music video was shot, and finally both videos were banned from music stations and only played for
just one day of airing. The song itself then had to be removed from Entre dos Aguas, the re-issued versions of the
album do not include the track and only can be found on rare and early pressings. Still the song re-appeared and
included on Loona’s first compilation album Greatest Hits later in 2000. Entre dos Aguas saw three more single
releases “Salvador Dalí”, another cover of the Spanish band Mecano, “La Vida es una Flor” and the Christmas single
“Navidad”, becoming minor hits which did not reach the Top 50 in Germany. In 2000, Loona’s first compilation
album Greatest Hits and its first single, “Latino Lover” (a Spanish remake of “You’re the Greatest Lover” by the pop
band Luv’), was released and peaked at #6 in German and Swiss single chart. In 1999, van der Kolk again provided
guest vocals as Carisma for DJ Sammy’s single “In 2 Eternity” from his first remix album DJ Sammy at Work (In the

In 2001, Loona released the singles “Baila mi Ritmo” and “Viva el Amor” followed by her second compilation album
Baila mi Ritmo. “Viva el Amor” became a number 1 hit in Spain. In 2002, she released the singles “Rhythm of the
Night” and “Colors” from the third studio album Colors. For this album, Loona experimented with a more mature
and oriental sound, which can be heard on songs like “Land of broken dreams”, “If you want my love” or on the third
single release and #4 hit “Rhythm of the Night”, a remake of “Hadi Bakalim” from Sezen Aksu’s 1991 album
Gülümse. In 2002, van der Kolk continued providing guest vocals for DJ Sammy’s singles “Sunlight” and the Don
Henley cover version “The Boys of Summer” from his second studio album Heaven, but this time for the first time
credited as “DJ Sammy feat. Loona” both reaching number 1 in several countries in the world.

In 2004, Loona was featured on DJ Sammy’s single “Rise Again” and released her first and only single, the Eric
Clapton classic “Tears In Heaven”, of her fourth studio album Wind of Time, followed in 2005. Both singles became
moderate hits. The album is a collection full of cover versions. According to van der Kolk, she dedicated the album
title, selected track list and the entire album to her mother, whom she lost ten years ago. It features covers such as
Procol Harum’s “A Whiter Shade of Pale”, Peter Sarstedt’s “Where Do You Go to My Lovely”, Ralph McTell’s “Streets
Of London”, Sting’s “Fragile” or Bob Dylan’s “Blowin’ In The Wind”. She emotionally performed “Tears In Heaven” at
“The Dome” crying and pregnant with her first child, her daughter named Saphira Maria, welcomed in 2005. In
2005, Loona released the David Bisbal classic “Oye el Boom” and went on hiatus for her baby.

In 2007, Loona’s third compilation album Everybody on the Floor and the same titled single, a reggaeton song titled
“Everybody on the Floor (Uh la la la)” have been released. In May 2008, Loona signed a new contract with Sony
BMG/Ariola and returned with her fifth studio album “Moonrise” in October, preceded by its two single releases
“Por la Noche” and “Salam Aleikoum”, all with limited success. Professionally and in private, van der Kolk parted
ways with her longtime collaborator and father of her daughter, DJ Sammy. She was also a Judge in the seventh
season of the German version of “Popstars” alongside rapper Sido and choreographer Detlef Soost.

In 2009, Loona returned with the cover version of Cidinho & Doca, “Parapapapapa” to her summer tune roots since
“Viva el Amor” in 2001. The single peaked #29 in the German single chart. van der Kolk attended the VOX
television program “Das perfekte Promidinner im Schlafrock”. In 2010, the single “Vamos a la playa“, a Miranda
cover, she landed another summer hit, charted at No. 2 in Belgium, and “El Cucaracho, El Muchacho”, a
collaboration with Movetown, followed. “Vamos a la playa” also reached No. 3 in France, No. 1 in Haïti, No. 5 in
South-Africa, No. 16 in Swiss, No. 22 in Denmark, and No. 29 in Germany. With over 100 Million views in YouTube
her greatest hit worldwide. In July 2011, the single and Pigbag classic “El Tiburón” charted at #31 in the German
single chart. Again in 2012, van der Kolk attended the VOX television program “Das perfekte Promidinner im
Schlafrock” and the ProSieben program “TV Total Wok WM”. In June 2012, Loona posed nude for the German
edition of Playboy. Until 2013, Loona released four further songs, the singles “Policia”, “Oh la la, dance avec moi”,
the Los Diablos cover version “Rakatakata (Un Rayo de Sol)”. All these singles to be included on her long-awaited,
sixth studio album with the working title Summer Dance, later retitled Rakatakata (Un Rayo de Sol). Loona
appeared as guest vocalist on DJ Cassey Doreen’s single “Tell it to my Heart”, a Taylor Dayne cover version.

In 2014, the single “Brazil”, a cover of Francisco Alves’s “Aquarela do Brasil”, was released for the FIFA World Cup in
Brazil. Loona was also guest vocalist on Flava & Stevenson’s 2k14 remix of their single “Rio de Janeiro”, found on
their album Quantum of Dance, which both latter mentioned songs appeared on her first extended play titled
Brazil. In 2014, Loona released the single “Ademloos door de Nacht”, a Dutch-language cover version of German
singer Helene Fischer’s single “Atemlos durch die Nacht” and first release under her real name Marie-José van der
Kolk, from her upcoming studio album. In the summer of 2015, Loona re-released her single “Caliente” in a remixed
version, and the German language single “OMG! Dein Body ist so Heiß” alongside Ko&Ko, formally Gebroeders Ko.

In 2016, Loona released her single “Badam”, a cover version of Lylloo & Lorinda, as a lead single from her
eponymous titled seventh studio album. Later that year followed by a new single “On Va Dance”, which was sung in

2017 Loona released “Summer of Love”, another typical Loona Song written by herself. A year later in 2018, Loona
presented a remake of “Bailando” with DJ Combo and “Turn the Tide” with Dune. Both real cool chillout versions.
2019 back to her roots with “Oh lala lalalala”, in Spanglish.

in 2020, Loona brings out her album “Stars”, an greatest hits album. In December of that year, she released “Alquin
Canto” a cover version of Udo Jürgens “Wass ich dir sagen will”. Loona sung this song live with Udo Jürgens on his
birthday at “the 66 Jahre Gala” in ZDF Television.


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