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01 January 1970
01 January 1970 |

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It all started in Germany in 1993 by a phone call from Petra Davis, a dear friend of Courtney D and the then wife of
John Davis who is one of the original voices of the mega-hit group Milli Vanilli from Germany. She asked him to go
to a recording session for a song writer by the name of Nosie Katzman. At that time, Courtney D had a reggae band
and was doing local gigs throughout Nurnberg and its surroundings promoting a single which was produced by him,
titled “Sell Out”. Being occupied with his band, he first refused the offer but was convinced by Petra to give it a try.

After he agreed, he contacted his brother, the late Richard Williams (R.I.P.) who was also a member of the reggae
band Umascus and was also on the single “Sell Out” and told him about the invitation to visit DMP studio (Dance
Music Production) for a recording session. They agreed, then set a date with Michael Eisler, the producer of DMP,
and the rest was history. Petra had recorded a line-up of local groups performing at a benefit concert in a well-
known-at-the-time disco/club The Resi, and after the performance of all the groups, Umascus was featured in the
Nurnberg Zeitung (the local newspaper) getting props as the best act of the night, which was how Petra managed
to have shown Nosie Katzman the different groups because she had filmed the performances of all the bands of the
show. Fortunately, the Williams brothers were the chosen and lucky ones.

The band LOFT was then formed with Courtney and Richard Williams as the 2 original members. The name of the
band L.O.F.T. stands for Live Our Fathers’ Teachings, which means that we should not forget the teachings of our
forefathers in this modern world of computer technology and rapid changes.

LOFT’s first hit was “Summer Summer” in 1993, Courtney D wrote the verses and was the main male vocals with
his brother Richard Williams aka Richy Ranking.

This first hit was followed by another hit “Hold On” in 1994, this time the main male vocals was done by Richy

These 2 huge hits were followed by many more that you can find on the discography page. All of these songs went
worldwide and became hits in many different countries of Europe as well as Mexico, South America, Canada, and
many other countries. LOFT did many gigs in the 90s and is now ready with a new presentation to continue
performing their songs in 2020.


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