Livin’ Joy feat. Tameko Star

Livin’ Joy feat. Tameko Star
Release date
01 January 1970
Livin’ Joy feat. Tameko Star
01 January 1970 |

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Aside from her reputation as a powerhouse vocalist, the multi-faceted singer, songwriter, producer, choreographer,
dancer, actress, director, and award-winning playwright is also famously known as ’90s Euro Dance Diva Livin’ Joy.

Growing up in Europe, due to her military father, as a child, Tameko began honing her skills in front of an audience
of family, friends, and a host of stuffed animals and dolls. As an adolescent, she picked up nuggets of gold from her
musical father and pop icons like Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Michael, and Janet Jackson. While forging an
identity of her own in high school, Tameko’s exceptional talent landed her in the elite choir. Her dance and
leadership skills promoted her to the school’s dance team captain. The popular homecoming princess was also bit
by the acting bug and began starring in various plays and musicals. Winning numerous talent competitions in her
town, Tameko Star created a name for herself. Following high school, she relocated to Italy, where she studied
music and performance. By day she taught performing arts to young children on a military base; by night, she
transformed into a star as the lead vocalist of a popular local band.

While most aspiring artists prayed to be “discovered” in the mid-’90s, Tameko’s dreams came true when a live radio
broadcast of her singing with the local band caught the ear of Italian producers Ricardo Stecca, Andrea Acchioni,
and Massimo Artusi. The union would give Tameko her first dose of stardom as she crafted and performed house
and techno jams such as “Feel the Rhythm,” “Now I Feel,” and R & B-tinged tracks, “Love Makes Me High” and
“Going in Circles .” The singles were released under the Italian label Irma Records with notable buzz.

The budding star enjoyed getting her feet wet with the release of her earlier singles. Still, an unexpected phone call
to her “momager” from record label executive Angelo Bernado of Undiscovered Records would catapult Tameko’s
music career into overdrive.

Fresh off the heels of Livin’ Joy’s smash hit, “Dreamer,” Bernado and hit producers Gianni and Paolo Visnadi were
anxious to reinvent the brand after conflict arose with the original lead singer. Tameko Star was the top choice to
take the brand to the next level. An R&B/pop artist at heart, Tameko was reluctant to join the Euro dance act, but
with the backing of major label MCA now Universal Music Group she eventually signed on to take over the reins.

The Visnadi Brothers were blown away by the talented singer/songwriter’s ability to create dizzying melodies and
sticky hooks. They dubbed her “The Great Melodista”. Tameko’s signature melodic quick flows and rhythmic,
staccato wordplay infused well with their bright, gospel’esque piano chords and deep resounding baseline. Their
collaborative efforts gave birth to “Don’t Stop Movin‘ one of the biggest dance anthems of the ’90s. The electrifying
tune became a massive hit for the artist, quickly rising and residing in the top 10 on multiple charts in multiple
countries. “Don’t Stop Movin'” has been certified gold and featured on over 100 compilations worldwide.The
single’s success was the perfect segue to the Livin’ Joy album, which spawned additional hits, such as “Follow the
Rules,” “Where Can I Find Love,” and “Deep in You.” The album also showcased some of her producing skills with
songs like “Be Original” and “Let Me Love You.”

Politics and label mergers foiled plans for Livin’ Joy’s second album release. Tameko Star relocated to America in
the aftermath, where she continued writing and producing music. She also opened Star House Entertainers, a
talent development and production company based in Atlanta, GA. Dedicated to cultivating aspiring artists, the
company is giving back by helping young people to fulfill their dreams.

With the recent resurgence of her hits, boasting nearly 100 million streams across all digital platforms, the
talented Diva is back on the scene with a brand new look, a new EP, and a tour in the making. Die-hard fans, whom
she affectionately dubbed her #livinloyals, can expect what they have come to know and love from the beloved
artist, and new ones will discover a musical gem hiding in plain sight.

The new single, release “Something Beautiful,” is out not on all digital platforms.


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