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01 January 1970
01 January 1970 |

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Kosheen, one of the UK’s booming live electronic music showstoppers, broke into prominence with their debut hit
Hide U’ off their debut album in 2001, the platinum selling ‘Resist’, following by crossover hits ‘Catch’, ‘Hungry’ and
All In My Head’.

Kosheen successfully placed two UK Top Ten albums, topped the UK and European music charts and won lots of
awards with their unique blend of breakbeat rhythms of drum ’n ’bass to more traditional songcraft, a side of the
band embodied by singer and songwriter Sian Evans.

The band, with Sian Evans at the helm, garnered 5 studio albums and earned themselves the reputation of being
one of the most iconic performing band of their time.

During nearly two decades relentless writing and performing with Kosheen, the band’s passionate frontwoman,
Sian Evans, made a name for herself as a songwriter and a featured vocalist. She has collaborated with many top
level producers such as DJ Fresh, Stanton Warriors, Roger Shah, Dino Psaras, Kid Crème, Chicane, Jody
Wisternoff, Headhunterz to name only a few.

Following the Kosheen’s breakup in 2016, Sian Evans undertook the journey to channel her energy into recording
her debut album, alongside innovating the live show and unveiling a new perspective, passion and depth to
Kosheen’s music.

Sian’s live performances have always been brandished by her unique ability to resonate every lyric in the hearts of
each and every member of the audience with flawless vocals, charismatic charm, and boundless enthusiasm. Her
shows have been well received in Europe, Asia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and countless UK and European festivals.

The show breath new energy into the Kosheen set with original Kosheen drummer Mitchell Glover and world class
musicians who bring a new edge to the sound. From start to finish an emotive performance and a definitive voice
which is guaranteed to continue to move and inspire audiences as she always has.


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