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01 January 1970
01 January 1970 |

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Proudly original and ever-defiant Gala has always been the kind of woman to forge her own path. An outsider from
the get-go, Gala left Italy as a teenager and landed in Manhattan. While studying at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts,
Gala wandered the NYC underground photographing artists and eccentric club-goers. Ultimately, her camera was
the key to her success. In exchange for a photograph of a European DJ she recorded her first demo. In no time, with
no formal training, no industry connections, but huge amounts of attitude and determination, Gala became a dance
floor icon. “Freed from Desire” became an international pop classic. The song has since become a worldwide viral
sports anthem, spanning its reach across all sports genres. From World Boxing Champion Tyson Furry to national
soccer teams such as Ajax and the Red Devils have used the song as their hymn. Referred to as a “cult artist” for
her minimalist look and haunting voice, Gala suddenly disappeared at the top of her success leaving behind an air
of mystery. Longing to break free from a record deal that left her no artistic control, she left her European record
company and moved back to NYC, this time settling in Brooklyn. She immediately formed her own label,
Matriarchy Records, and set out to redefine her sound, her life and her career. PARALLEL LINES is Gala’s most
recent release in 2021. The PARALLEL LINES video is a collaboration with American animator, TED speaker, and
free culture activist Nina Paley.


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